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I want you to experience a different kind of bliss, with my erotic hypnosis chats.

My voice is addicting. It is soft..sweetarousingsensualdelicious…It is so easy to listen to and obey. My voice is wonderful to have penetrating inside of your subconscious and conscious mind, but what really makes for an intense erotic hypnosis session, is my WORDS. My WORDS are what really matters…my words becoming your words taking over all of your focus…my words slowly entering into your mind, and covering your thoughts in the warm, sensual, comforting, arousing cocoon of my words.

You don’t HAVE to have my voice, to hear my WORDS. You don’t have to have an erotic hypnosis phone session with me to feel my power….my BLISS. All you need is to obey my words. To focus on my read my words right here, right now. To read my words whenever I tell you to… To follow along effortlessly down the path that I choose for you, experiencing the blissful journey with all of its twists and turns that I create inside of your mind…with my WORDS.

Many are unable to use the phone, yet crave so deeply, my power…my erotic hypnosis. There is a way for you to experience this. A way that I just so happen to immensely enjoy. Erotic hypnosis chats. They are very easy, yet very effective. Perfect for those who can’t use the phone, or simply prefer to not use the phone. All you have to do is relax by your computer, and read what I type to you. My erotic hypnosis chats are highly effective, incredibly addictive, and I personally enjoy them very much. I love to use my WORDS to penetrate your subconscious mind, and force you to drop deeper into hypnosis with each word.

If you are skeptic to this idea, all I can really say is to TRY IT. Experience it…it is amazingly powerful. At first you may feel like you are not in as deep of a trance as you are with phone/mp3s..but the long term effects will have you blown away. I have my ways to get you exactly where I want you…to do exactly what I want you to become exactly what I want you to become to please me. All I need to use is my words 😉

I want you to think about just how good it feels to experience my words taking over your thoughts, and then think about how good it would feel to have an erotic hypnosis chat with me over yahoo sometime…

And as always, if you catch me online taking calls..I can play with you that way as well 😉

I look forward to overflowing your thoughts with my words ~Grins~

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