Wrapped Around My Little Finger


I wonder if you have ever truly thought about just how good it would feel, or does feel to have your entire mind and body be completely enthralled by a powerful, enchanting, beautiful, irresistible woman? Right now you are going to do just that.

I want you to sit back, relax, and read my words nice and slow. There is no need to rush. This is time for you to just unwind, let go, and enjoy yourself. Really slow down, and allow my words to help relax your body. So as you are reading, imagine that each word is causing you to feel heavy, relaxed, and completely at ease.  And as you begin to relax, notice how your breathing starts to slow, as you breathe in nice and deep, and exhale any tension that is left inside of your body.

See, this feels good. Do it again. This time as you breathe in while reading my words, I want you to close your eyes for just a moment, and imagine that your breathe is doubling the relaxing sensations all throughout your body, causing you to sink down further into what you are resting on. When you exhale, imagine your breath taking with it, all resistance, all tension and worries. Enjoy that feeling for a moment, taking as many breaths in with those visualizations as you need, and then open your eyes and come back to my words.





You missed my words didn’t you? You longed for them, and that is why you opened your eyes, even though you were feeling so deeply comfortable and relaxed. But I want you to notice how my words can cause those same sensations. Simply reading my words can cause your entire body to respond so wonderfully. You are becoming more and more relaxed with each word that passes inside of your mind, and you can almost even hear these words being whispered softly into your ear. Such bliss.

Slow down, savor each word, become aware of how my words make you feel, inside and out. Really notice this, how do you feel? I wonder if you are feeling more relaxed that normal? Perhaps even a bit sleepy, and aware yet unaware of what is going on around you. You may even have a sense of longing and arousal, a bit of aching inside that is causing you to really linger on my words, never wanting them to end.

This feels so good, and I want you to know, that the more you read my words, or listen to my words, the better you are going to feel. Imagine what it would be like to have the sensations and feelings that you are experiencing right now, amplify indefinitely.

That is such an exciting, pleasing thought, isn’t it my sweet? You can experience this bliss, more and more, stronger and stronger, just by reading my words, listening to my voice, indulging in my irresistible hypnosis, my commands and suggestions. Having my voice whispering throughout your ear all throughout the day and night.

You will want this more, and more….you can feel it happening already.  The craving, the aching, the longing, the need. It feels so good, to just let go, and admit it. To admit that you are lingering on my every word, wanting more, needing more. Aching to please me… Indulge…surrender

You ARE wrapped around my little finger, and are exactly where you want to be.



  1. aching4haylee says:

    Love it Goddess! Can’t resist even your words. Wish you had time to write more often. All of your blogs, Every one of them cause me to hang onto every word! I crave your words!

  2. Bob says:

    Very relaxing indeed… Thank you…

    What was especially interesting was I felt a bit of ASMR from this, an unusual thing from text alone for me. 🙂

    Yearning to hear more from you again so as to relax and find Peace,

  3. spellbound says:

    Such powerful words. impossible to resist them. they wrap around me like your voice which i can hear in my mind.


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