When A Want Becomes A Need


I had a talk with my cowboy boy toy last night, which inspired me to write this blog. I wanted to talk about how when a want becomes a need. In this instance, that need is me. That need is your ultimate submission, your blissful surrender to me, on a daily basis. I have to admit that it was extremely cute when my cowboy told me that he felt like it was a want, and then within a few minutes  he was expressing over and over again how much of a need it truly is. I thoroughly enjoyed that 😉 Sometimes things just have to be put in to perspective.

I want you to take a moment and think about a few things. As you are reading my words, I want you to naturally, allow yourself to effortlessly imagine and think about what you are reading. Read this slowly, put thought into it, and then at the end, I want you to please me and comment or get in touch with me, letting me know if you have a want, or a need.

Have you noticed how easily you can admit to yourself that you are aware of the fact that you want so badly to read my words, or to hear my voice? And during the moments where you are experiencing my words, you feel a deep craving inside of you that is truly needing more? Do you find yourself experiencing pleasure as you are just relaxing, and reading my words? Now almost even hearing them echo inside of your mind, realizing that it is so easy to experience unlimited pleasure, just from my words? You can agree with this so easily, can you not?

When you really begin to think about me, and the idea of submission to me, and the pleasure that surrounds that thought, then you’ll start to allow yourself to make the necessary changes inside of your mind. The changes that will easily allow you to become more open to the realization that submission to me is really all that you desire. What happens when you imagine yourself enjoying all of the benefits of having made those changes inside of your mind? Having me guide you through those changes? Can you imagine that right now? What it would feel like to just give in? To lose all resistance, and finally let go completely to me?  That’s such a nice thought, isn’t it? One that I am allowing you to have. Encouraging you to explore further.

One of the things you’re really going to love about giving yourself to me completely, and realizing your NEED to please me, is the fact that you can finally become aware of the fact that this is your true self. This is meant for you. You can finally become the person that you are meant to be. You will be fulfilled like never before. You will be the person that you know, that I know is best for you.

Naturally, as you start realizing the unlimited ways that you can become aware of how badly you need me, how much you enjoy pleasing me, serving me, putting my needs and wants first, you will start imagining the deep fulfillment and pleasure you can experience with my guidance and ownership. Now, are you starting to experience the need?

I know that you are. Give in to that need. It pleases me soooo much when you obey me, when you give more of yourself to me, when you tell me that you are mine. It makes me so hot, and I know that making me hot is what you want to do, isn’t it? You will do whatever it takes to turn me on and please me. My pleasure is your ultimate pleasure.

Letting go to me is easy, it feels good. It feels right. It is natural, and it is effortless. It is beautiful, it is real, it is everything you want , and everything you need.

Your Everything,




  1. Marcelo (Nexus 7) says:

    What can I say that other haven’t alredy said before.
    I guess today I really started to feel the need. And it hurts! Hurt like hell inside me and yet I love the way it hurts!

  2. aching4haylee says:

    Goddess, I past the point from want to need, a while ago! I need to please you! I need to hear your velvety, lovely and feminine voice and allow your words to become my thoughts. I am simply addicted to you…. your pleasure is my ultimate pleasure!

  3. Haylee's says:

    It is a need. Haylee I need to obey you. It is easy to do. I just let go and you are inside of my mind telling me how much I love you and I need to please you. My greatest fulfillment is your pleasure. You inspire me to be my best self as your property to represent you well. You have made me a better man. Thank you Goddess. I need you so much.

  4. Rune says:

    I think that I have a want for it. But I have some trouble getting into trance I think., I think that I am a bit nervous for what it is like so I put up walls. Looks really fun, but I am still a bit… afraid I think. Working on the problem though, but it is a slow process. Listened to your YouTube videos. You have a really beautiful voice miss Haylee and you look simply stunning.

  5. Oly says:

    I need you…such a drug, I’m feeling more and more addicted to you, Mistress.
    I never had these feelings and sensation before.
    My mind is completely melted and I NEED more and more …
    I live for you. Your pleasure is my pleasure

  6. Tick Tick says:

    Hypnosis does not seem to come easy to me.

    My usual reaction to things is to become tense. Your youtube videos were the first hypnosis attempt, in person or recorded, that had any real relaxing effect on me. It felt very nice. I have found simply reading your words in this blog entry had a similar effect.

    Thank you very much Haylee. I may not have sunk into trance but I moved further down in soothing relaxing then I ever have by voice or much else.

  7. Still says:


    I WANT o hear your every word, I WANT to see every picture, every video of you…………..HOWEVER………..I NEED to feel your control over me and my life…………….I need to be a better person for your pleasure as it is ultimately my pleasure.

    I need your Hypnosis and I NEED TO FEEL YOU INSIDE MY MIND.


  8. Dan says:

    I need to obey you goddess, I want to please you, to make you smile, I’ve never wanted anything more in my life, I need your voice in my head, telling me to let go and obey, I need you Goddess more than anything

  9. Irish 4 Haylee says:

    My only want is to hear your seductive voice, over and over and over again. My needs are many! I need to please you. I need to serve you. I need your control. I need you insude my head. I need to obey you. I need to feel the bliss that can only come from giving myself over to you.

  10. The Cowboy says:

    I still remember this night clearly in my head, how you reasoned with me on why this was more of a need then a want. It still makes me dizzy when I think about it. Hmm, what to say, what to say… I have no want to go back from this need, it fulfills me every night, and I can’t think of any other thing to say, so yeah!

  11. toolate says:

    I am so new to this need. I feel it deep inside me though, rooted tightly into all that I am. I need to please you. The idea of resisting is laughable. I could never resist my true self, and I am defined by my need to please you. I need to obey you. Your control is absolute. Even now I’m wrapped snuggly in your controlling spell. I need your spell to continue to take me down. Sublime.

  12. Jeffrey says:

    What I want is to stay in this blissful state of longing and submission. To feel your will wrap around me like my very skin and penetrate my mind so deeply that I am unable to form a thought of resistance. Enchanted, craving, aching to be in your thrall.

  13. Greg says:

    I want to need to obey You. I have noticed myself becoming more and more captivated by you, your site, your words, your pictures, your voice, and now even your video. I have just watched your youtube video three times in a row and I am completely hooked on you. I can easily understand how someone would need to serve and obey you after even a short amount of time under your control. I feel that need growing inside of me already. I can not wait to schedule a webcam session so you can further my obedience to you and so I can stare into your gorgeous eyes once again. Thank you for being so incredible and giving us the opportunity to worship and obey you.

  14. Icetiger says:

    Dearest Haylee,

    How many times have we exchanged thoughts, ideas and words and each time the feeling of wanting to explore this further only goes deeper inside the rushing mind of mine. The idea of having a Mistress speak to the multitude of readers but have the words sink deeply into a place hidden that only You know of, that You can sense, that You can coax out as if the whole blog or the whole script was written for just that one reader.
    To be able to have that one on one conversation to be able to whisper those words Yes Mistress Haylee, and then to feel the moment of truth when only the reply reaches into the soul and captures it and stamps it with an indelible mark which Hypnotic Haylee claims ownership with.
    Like the moment when eyes wide open starring at the candy in the jar, the mind is craving the need to sample the command to come before Mistress Haylee and prove his worth, to give Mistress the pleasure She desires but most of all the need to give the respect and receive the guidance to melt as a male can only boil away as the words guide him to the place his Mistess wants Her admirer to be at.
    The beauty of having Mistress Haylee tell you that you have pleased Her, to whisper that You are Hers, and all you can do is bow in respect and smile knowing that your only purpose from that moment forward is to bring pleasure to Mistress. Yes, Ms.Haylee it is a burning need to have You awknowledge that You have captured this one and now will form his future.

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