New VIDEO & Free Sample~ Pendant Enslavement


18 minutes


This video has been HIGHLY requested for about a year now! I am so excited to finally have it available here.

You will feel as if you are right there with me, and I am speaking directly to you. This video includes:

A deep pendant induction

Crisp finger snaps to enforce a deeper trance

Goddess Worship

Slave Training

Eye Fixation with close ups

Enslavement equaling full body arousal

Addiction to pleasing me

Reprogramming slave subliminals whispered throughout the video

Commands and Triggers

You will find out just how captivating I am, and how easy it is to surrender and obey. You will not be able to look away. You are so mine. So owned.


Because this file does have a few special effects, if you have high blood pressure, are prone to epileptic seizures, or have any other health concerns, consult a physician before indulging in this product.

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You can purchase this video by clicking HERE



  1. john mackowski says:

    Dear Pretty Miss Haylee:
    When you do the pendant hypnosis session,
    please include your most BEAUTIFUL face and
    GORGEOUS eyes, behind the pendant. Your face and
    eyes are most hypnotic. Thank you, John

  2. Damon says:

    Hypnotic Haylee I just wanted to say that you are so beautiful voice so soft. I have experienced your bliss and it feels so great. I love you reyes, your voice, your lips, I secretly listen to you when ever I have a free undistracted moment. I crave you more and more. My secret relaxing soft spoken beauty!

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