VERY Important Change To My Amazon Wishlist

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Hello minions! I just wanted to give you a quick update on My amazon wishlist changes!

For a while now, amazon has had some privacy issues involving addresses. Now for Me personally, it does not matter, because My amazon UPS box is very far from where I live. However, this is affecting a lot of Women, and I am just over it. I have decided to leave a note per every item telling you to send a giftcard in the amount for those item/s.

What REALLY excites Me about it, is that I can now purchase the items instantly, and have them sent to Me in two days!!!! I live very far from My ups box, where My gifts are delivered. I have a slave who travels for work, and will bring Me gifts 1-2 times a month max, because of the distance. I am at the point where I am tired of waiting, and it is just way too far for Me to ever even think of driving there myself! I am a GODDESS! I should have what I want quickly! I know you agree.

By doing it this way, I will have what I so rightfully deserve , super fast!!! So get used to it slaves, and start sending! The easiest way will be to add up the total of the items you are aching to send Me, and then send the giftcard for that total, and in the giftcard notes specify which items they are for! Then they will be in My beautiful perfect hands in TWO DAYS! Not a month! WOO!! Go give it a try now. Further instructions will always be posted on the wishlist!

Click here to view My wishlist and start feeling the absolute aching BLISS of spoiling Me

Click here for a direct link to amazon E giftcards. Send to


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