Updating my slave bought home…..


I can’t believe its coming up to a year since I used ALL slave tributes to buy my home~ Times really does fly when you are living a Goddess lifestyle every single day.

Now most of you know how much I enjoy my privacy. I am an introvert. Partly because I find most every day people to be completely different from me and my lifestyle, and partly because I just LOVE being in my own space, and not having that invaded by those who are not worthy to be there. Toxic energy from other people brings me down, and I will never settle for that!

So this year, my big project is getting a privacy fence to surround my Goddess home, and my Goddess garden. I have several garden sites all around my property, and my yard is massive. I am not fencing it all off, but the majority of it I want protected and private. I want to be able to go out, and work in my garden, relax on my slave bought furniture, lounge in a slave bot hot tub, and do skyclad witchcraft rituals without anyone being able to see in.

When Goddess wants something, she should get it. I have an amazing company who is going to do this for me. The cost is $8500 for a 6 foot vinyl fence including two gates.

This morning I demanded that my slave john david surrender $1000 to the fence. This leaves 7.5k left for you slaves to contribute to. I don’t care if you can only contribute a little. Do what you can, because its going to feel so so good to know that you are contributing to my slave bought home, and the privacy that I demand for it.


You can contact me on how I prefer you to tribute to this. Do not do it through my website. Contact me~ <3

You must thank me for this honor too. Here is where your mind should be. This is a post on my private slave forum on http://inhayleewetrust.com , by john delco


I am planning on having this done in the spring~So get on it! Now is the perfect time with tax refunds rolling in~ Give in to me. I know whats best. I deserve it all and more!



  1. Rick Hall says:

    thank You Goddess for Your guidance and wisdom and sharing Your Goddess lifestyle and musings with Your servants. Very grateful to have found You, ..better late than never!

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