The Ultimate Experimental New VIDEO

Just like THE EXPERIMENT mp3, this is something that I have waited a LONG time to release!! This erotic hypnosis video includes state of the art, never before seen, tones, sounds, visuals, suggestions and commands. TRUE control that you have waited for all of your life. This took me years to master and create. Every sound, every tone, every hypnotic subliminal ( and there are A LOT !!!) has been crafted just for this file. You have NEVER experienced something this intense before!! Watch this with an open mind. Listen with headphones as some tones are only able to be heard through them.

This is the ultimate experimental video. I am so incredibly excited to know that by the time you finish reading this description, you will already feel yourself going through the motions of purchasing this video and indulging in it so effortlessly.

This is going to change you. Your mind is mine, I am making you mine. Knowing this is making you simply NEED to give in even more. It feels SO right, that all that is left to do is watch , listen, and obey.

You are MY experiment, and you are so honored to be a part of it. You will give me feedback. I will use it to further craft the ultimate “mind play” mp3s and videos. It is not required to listen to the experiment mp3 before watching this, but I highly encourage using them both, and giving me feedback on how each one makes you feel, and how it feels to indulge in both of them on the same day. This is VERY important knowledge for me.

Knowledge is power. My power. You are SO weak.

All for Haylee



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  1. toy4Her says:

    Goddess Haylee has been perfecting her craft for many years and this is truly a masterpiece! Someone once said “You’ve got to pay to play” Well pony up and you’ll never look back!

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