THE ULTIMATE EXPERIMENT for submissive hypno slaves

40 mins

This is something that I have waited a LONG TIME to release to the public. I have the first draft of this on my membership site titled The experiment 2. Now, this has been remastered and edited to absolute PERFECTION.

This is the ultimate experiment. I am not telling you exactly what is in this, or what will happen when you listen, because I want you to give me feedback. This is an experiment. An experiment designed to further my ultimate goals. An experience unlike ANY other you have ever experienced.

The reason for the hefty price? This took me years to complete. This file includes state of the art, never before heard custom mind altering tones and sounds. I have borrowed equipment from professionals to create precise tones and sounds throughout this. Each tone, subliminal and sound is designed with a task in mind. They work. This works. Each person may react a bit differently though, which is why your feedback is crucial. Is this the beginning of my mass world Domination?

I have consulted with world known masters in the art of hypnosis and mind altering, and have put to use what I have learned here. You have never experienced something this intense before. Are you ready? Of course you are. You were ready the moment you began reading this description, and even now, you are wondering what it will be like to experience something so intense, so blissful. Something that you never thought you’d get the chance to experience.

By the time you are finished reading these words, your hesitations, resistance, fear and worry will already be dissolved and remorphing into excitement, eagerness, wonder and aching. You need this. It is THE FILE you have waited your entire life for.

Once you are finished listening, I demand your instant feedback. Right after you listen, write down everything and anything that is in your mind. Do not over think it. Simply put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and write/type away!

This is the ULTIMATE EXPERIMENT, and you are honored to be a part of it.

Listen with headphones, as many of the tones and subliminals are enhanced better with them. I also encourage listening as you sleep, even though this is not a requirement. This is recorded with top of the line equipment, including 3D binaural microphones.



or if you are unable to, you may purchase via NF


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