” Can you turn a man into anything you desire? ” AMA!


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“Can you turn any man into anything you desire him to be ? IF so what is the most common changes that you do” ?

Good question. This has a complex answer that I am going to try to simplify. If I want something, I eventually get it. All of my CLOSE slaves are molded, and taken on a journey into transformation to be exactly what I want them to be. I say close slaves, because something like this takes a lot of time, energy and training. A lot of my slaves find that through continuous exposure, training, listening, watching , reading and interacting, they become a different person. A better version of themselves. I deserve the BEST, so naturally I demand the best versions of my slave. Weak doesn’t have to mean useless. Weak can mean weak for ME, easily manipulated, and molded by me. It doesn’t mean weak to all, pathetic and useless. Now when I am VOX, I do have pathetic useless weak slaves for entertainment, but that is an entire different subject for another blog , another day.

True devout slaves WILL end up transformed. They will become anything that I want them to be. Workerbots, blissbots, slaves, pets, puppets, etc. They each have a role to fulfill in my desires. Often they do not even become aware of the transformation until it has long been set in motion. I ALWAYS get what I want.

The most common changes are turning a lazy slave into a hard working one. A here and there slave to a full time slave. A scared to tribute slave into one that tributes regularly. ( Only if I know he can safely afford this). A slut slave into a Goddess worshipping addicted to me slave. A fantasy role play slave, into a REAL slave. A Christian one God curious submissive afraid to accept me as a Goddess, into a Goddess worshiper as well, Etc You get the idea. If I want it, you better believe that I get it. I can’t stress that enough! Being mine is the ULTIMATE honor and privilege. It can, and often is a life long experience. It never has to end. True fulfillment can be found laid at my feet.




  1. Kyle Brennan says:

    I don’t know if it is presumptuous of me to think this or not and if so then I certainly apologize Goddess as I don’t wish to be. But I would like to think I was at least being sculpted to some degree before life pulled me away.

    Granted that may be an inflated sense of ego to think such. But it is still a pretty thought none the less.

  2. John David says:

    Oh Goddess Haylee, I love You so much! As I read this I am vibrating with satisfaction & love & tremendous accomplishment for I know I am so Yours;molded precisely into what You desire, and I am so much happier now!
    Everything about You screams divinity & dominance! I can never resist You even if I wanted to! ❤ Being Yours is my highest honor and my favorite position in life…….. Forever will I live to please You!

  3. Thomas Staggs says:

    I wish there were more dominate Goddesses like you so all of us submissive wanabe slaves could experience the bliss they offer.

      • Thomas Staggs says:

        Thank you for your very kind message but unfortunately I am not worthy of one as special as you are. My very lowly position could never meet your expectations. My only desire would is to be of service to you and I lack what a Godess requires.

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