True Blood Love!


I am extremely excited to watch the true blood season 5 premier tonight!! So excited in fact, that I am throwing a true blood themed party at my house! I am going to have so many sexy vampires here 😉 Everyone who was invited MUST come dressed in their sexiest vampire costume, or sexiest true blood character costume. There is going to be games, prizes, and some kinky fetish action going on too.

I’m going to be demonstrating my mind control ability hehe. Can you imagine how sexy that would be, if you were the subject of my demonstrations? Me standing before you, dressed as a sexy vampire, oozing with sexuality, confidence, dominance and dark desire. I would be deep inside of your mind, seducing you from the inside out, in no time. All you would have to do is stare into my eyes, just for a moment, and staring into my eyes for a moment would cause you to lose many moments 😉 But I promise it will only feel like a few seconds. This WILL cause you to want to feel it more and more though. As if that is a bad thing 😉

Once I was finished with you, you would have a whole new feeling about mind control and sexy, dominant vampires!!

I’d also like to note, that supernatural role playing is always fun during a session. The possibilities are endless. Powerful witch, seductive vampire, and lustful succubus to name a few.

So a few questions for you. Do you watch true blood, and if so who is your favorite character/s? Mine are Eric, Sookie, Jessica, Lafayette and Godric. If I had to pick one character to spend the night with, it would be the new and IMO improved Eric 😉 So sweet, so obedient.. Who would you choose, and what would you wish to happen during that night? Click the white comment bubble above this blog entry, and post a comment like a good boy.

If you were to be my subject of my mind control ability for my true blood party, what do you imagining happening?

~Always in your mind,

Hypnotic Haylee



  1. nomad says:

    Love true blood. Just got into the show back in august. All caught up. I am slightly bi so eric , pam or tara as my maker would be amazing. Oh the fun & games! Or perhaps Goddess Haylee as my maker mmm.

  2. Bane says:

    i bloody love true blood but ill have to wait for the dvd realese as its not on tv in the UK 🙁 jessica is my favourite i would let her drain me dry i imagine you are quite like her in person so innocent but monstrously powerfull i also love marrianne and of course Eric is badass

  3. Haylee's New Thrall says:

    I’ve never watched True Blood (just no time for another show), but I’ve heard it’s erotic and sexy!

    I imagine myself at your party as a skeptic of your powers at first. I volunteer to be a subject for your demonstration, and you smile knowing I will be a fun subject. After staring me in the eyes for several seconds, my face goes blank and you take over my mind so easily. I’m lost in bliss. I imagine you making me describe some of my fantasies to entertain the crowd, and having me perform certain services for your pleasure. When you release me, it’s only with mental triggers implanted to make it easier for you to ensare me again later… after the party!

  4. darthva4517 says:

    I do not watch the show, so I do not know the characters. However I would love to be the subject of your demonstrations, to kneel before you and oey before all the others

  5. Fate's Fool says:

    Oh my! What a wonderful idea to be enthralled by you as a vampire. I know that I would be transfixed staring at you and would soon lose all sight of anything else until I was willingly offering you my throat in surrender.

    Favourite character in True Blood? It has to be Jessica because of how her character has changed from being a little whiny to becoming almost irresistibly sexy.

  6. Michelle says:

    Oh my, such naughty thoughts. 😉
    Being glamoured by a voluptuous vampire named Haylee while also having thoughts of Eric (preferably with his longer hair) and Jessica… 😀

    As for imagining what would or could happen, absolutely anything I’m told given how suggestible I am. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful party, and much fun is had by all. Vampires and ‘victims’ alike. 🙂

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      I love him so much more with his long hair! Long hair on men is such a turn on, when it suits them. And I love your answer 😉

  7. methos says:

    i have not been able to watch true blood…to many other programs on at the same time.

    but i would love to be the subject of You demonstration, compleatly submitting to Your power, a puppet for You to play with and tease throught the night for Your pleasure.

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