5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Tribute Your Femdomme

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And by “your” FemDomme, I mean the Domme/s that allow you the HONOR of serving Them, or indulging in Their art/training/guidance/attention..

Tributing a Domme is a pretty heated topic in the online world of fetishes. If you search around you will find endless conversation on why a person would NEVER tribute a Domme, and how wrong they believe it to be. I often imagine the people who express their thoughts like that, as living in their Mothers basement, jerking off into an anime pillow, and crying out that all Women are scum and should serve men. Even if that is not the case, believing that Powerful Women do not deserve to be paid, instantly makes a man invisible to Me. I believe they are entitled to their opinion, but it is an extremely damaging, outdated, wrong one.

Here are 5 reasons why you should tribute a Femdomme

  1. We Deserve it. ANY attention, guidance or training that you receive shouldn’t be free. If it is, then you are using us for your own personal gain/benefit. If you are a submissive, you should be the one that is used to benefit the Domme. Also, any attention/training/guidance that we are granting you is taking away time from us doing other things in our life. Being a submissive, you should crave to enrich our lives, and realize that any attention is truly an honor, and should be paid for. If you enjoy ANY aspect of what a Femdomme provides, then you should drop to your knees and tribute for it. This does not have to be every time. Even once in a while is better than never! It shows that you truly understand that WE DESERVE IT.


      2. It does not have to take you broke.  My own personal belief is that a broke slave is a useless slave. I like to take care of what is mine, and enjoy them long term, at their best. Going bankrupt, constantly worrying about bills or retirement, or constantly stressing that they have no money, is not the type of slave that I desire. I do believe that many would agree with this thought process, although some enjoy ruining a man financially, and I say to each their own. Whatever works for them! For Me, balance is key. Tributes show that you respect, worship, serve, and work for your Superior, but they do not have to take you broke, or into financial ruin. A good slave would sit down monthly and create a budget. One that will account for all expenses, including savings, and figure out what they could tribute their Domme. A good slave will find ways to live a VERY frugal life, so that they can save for a secure future, but also have MORE to give to their Owner who rightfully deserves it! A slave SHOULD sacrifice like this, and live like a frugal bitch! I suggest clicking here to use the every dollar app, and creating a budget that you can use every month. Add in a monthly expense to your Domme to the top of the list! Tributing made easy, and in a way that won’t cause you stress! Tributing should feel GOOD, not stressful!


      3. It makes Us like you more.  Who do you think a FemDomme will enjoy working with more? I will give out two examples.

A. – This guy starts a conversation by sending a 3 page email full of all of his wants, and desires, and makes sure to include what makes him cum really really hard, and what about the Domme turns him on. He also asks what the Domme can do to him, or for him. He states that he listened to a free erotic hypnosis mp3 of theirs, or binge watches their erotic hypnosis youtube videos over and over and it makes him feel oh so horny and submissive! He begs to be their “slave” and ends the email with asking for a command!


B.- This guy sends an email, and in the opening line thanks the FemDomme for taking the time to read his post, and informs Her that he had just finished reading all about Her on her website, and sent in a tribute as a sign of respect and thanks. He lists off his collection of mp3s and videos that he has purchased from Her site because he loves Her work and loves supporting her art. He goes on to list his slave hopes, and how he feels he can be of good service and entertainment. He closes by telling the FemDomme that he aches to serve, spoil, worship and obey.

Its a no brainer on which one of these guys, the Domme is going to desire to communicate with, and who has the better chance of a life of fulfillment, bliss and satisfaction. Not to mention the potential to become an amazing slave for life.

It may also come as a shock to you, to know that type B is RARE. FemDommes are FLOODED with type A on a daily basis.


4. Powerful Women shouldn’t have to pay. That is exactly what submissive males are for! It truly makes sense! What could be a more deeper act of service, than working and laying part of “your” pay into the divine hands of your Owner, so She never has to slave away working? Think about it…… NOTHING! Powerful FemDommes should enjoy all life has to offer, while you work to make sure this happens!


5. It is respectful and it feels AMAZING. All over the world, Women are treated as objects. They are abused, used, reduced to jerk off material, and worse. Respectfully paying a FemDomme that graces the world with her presence and gives you the amazing opportunity of exploring your submissive nature will, and should, feel SO DAMN GOOD! It shows that you RESPECT Her and Her work, and that you are not there just to use her for your own benefit and pleasure.

Thoughts after reading this? Does it change your perspective in any way? What do you think after reading this? Comment below.


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