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Tributing your Goddess is a very rewarding thing for you to do.

  This is my MAIN and most PLEASING form of tributes. If you must use a different payment option, use the buttons below this.Choose to email the giftcard, and put in


Alternative Tribute Options

For those who can comfortably afford it, this is your chance to make tributes to ME,your Goddess Haylee. You may choose the tribute amount, or come to me in request of a command of what number you shall put. You will be on your knees when you ask this. You may send in tributes as many times as you’d like to please me, on any day, at any time~*

Click any of the images below to tribute that amount. These can be added to cart as many times as you’d like to alter the price. For example, if you would LOVE to tribute $200 simply click on the $100 twice, and you will see a total of $200 in your cart.










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If you TRULY can not afford to make daily or weekly sacrifices, do not stress. There are other ways for you to prove your devotion to me. Blogging, spreading the word of Haylee, acts of worship, improving yourself for my pleasure, etc. There is ALWAYS something you can do to please your Goddess~ Each one of you are special, and unique, and has a purpose and a place within my realm~


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  1. Zanco says:

    The luring sound of your hypnotic caunch drove me to come immediately to your call. I am in your service. I bow to your dominion and impose to you: allow me to court you as your knight of prison. I’ve done nothing but explored the very prowess of my mind and now have sculpted my body to better suit your needs of a fit and irreplaceable night. Due to my training I have no riches to return to you as of yet, my Goddess. Alas the gods have cursed me with foul desieases that mean nothing to me when it comes to presenting you with your riches. I pray to you those riches come post haste. As for my personal taistes, I feel it’s should be properly addressed, you know they mean nothing to me when it comes to you, my Goddess. I plead for you to use me and discard me at your convenience. My power of mind illusions are for you to use, my Goddess. I bid to hear from you soon.

    • Zanco says:

      Pardon for the errors of grammar my Goddess. There is no excuse, you deserve nothing but the best. I gladly accept whatever punishment you see forthcoming.

  2. Axel says:

    Goddess Haylee,

    I want to create a piece of digital art for you. It can be any subject that you wish. As you might imagine, I’m quite willing to put in the time. ; )

    Might listen to more while creating it. Also, thought of a perspective to prevent people from intruding on you IRL: I think of myself as a normal person by day, but one of your internet minions by night. 😛

    Anyways, love the videos.

  3. Mark says:

    Dear Goddess Hayley,
    I have just listened to aching. I was interupted half way through. It was so sad but I returned to your MP3 and It was if I had never stopped with my eyes taped shut. I feel immobile but your voice is clear. I dont really know what a trance truly is. Perhaps it will be apparent soon when the afteraffects will be certain as my actions are obviously influenced by you. I do know i see you at a certain keypoint. You know from the mp3 what that is. It happens during the day now. I wonder how strong it will become. Others who have posted seem totally besotted. I admit that I have started to move inn that direction.
    Take care and stay happy

  4. Mark says:

    Dear Mistress,
    I worry that I have not gone under when I listen to you but at first I never intended to. I was very suspicious. But I keep forgetting things I listened to. There seem blanks in my mind. But I do know that each time I listen I realise that you care about those who listen. You expect to gain but very listenener gains so much. A feeling of contentment. A focus , a purpose an energy. I look forward to these moments now. I know you work hard to acheive. When you acheive so do we.
    Thank you simply for being you.
    Mark from some thousands of miles away.

  5. Anonymous says:

    your eyes, makes me feel so good. its a little scary. I desperately need to obey you, for real , i need your voice. I keep coming back. how are you doing this? Even typing I think of yours eyes. the feelings i am getting , are making me want to please you so much.

  6. Scotty says:

    I hope you like the gift, Princess Haylee! I got a little lost with all the lovely new pictures you have, and wanted to say thank you!

    You’re just as gorgeous as ever, and thank you for the extra motivation to get healthy! <3

  7. Dale says:

    Wishing you the Happest Birthday Ever.

    Your are truly a wonderful person (Mistress) in all ways, taking the time for everyone and have the same everyone fall so deeply under your hypnotic control.

    Again I just wanted to so Happy Birthday to you.


  8. tim says:

    i cant seem to get enough of princess haylee. she is overwelming me! if you get bored your boy toy will be there for you.

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