Trapped in Trance – NEW erotic hypnosis mp3


27 minutes

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Being trapped in trance for me sounds nice doesn’t it? You can ALWAYS go deeper. Deeper just for Goddess Haylee. Each time you listen, each time you hear my powerful hypnotic trigger, you fall deeper for me, and become even easier to train. You simply won’t leave trance until I am through with you. Now you can just sleep, deeply. You’re mine. You need me. You trust me. Nothing can stop you from falling deeply into trance for me. I have you right where I want you. This is setting the foundation for a blissful trigger that I will use on you over and over again in the future.

Trapped in trance, trapped in trance, trapped in trance. NO escape from MY power.



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  1. charly says:

    every day I listen to one new of your hypnosis, and I think to myself this is the most powerful hypnosis I’ve ever listened to!

    Trapped in trance makes everything else I’ve heard or seen, pale in comparison!

    I am feeling transformed every time I hear your voice!

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