Top 3 Reasons For Submitting To Me

 Reasons For Submitting To Your Mistress

I had recently asked the question ” What are your top 3 reasons for submitting to me” in my private online In Haylee We Trust forum. This forum can be found by clicking HERE. I know that everyone has different reasons for submitting to their Mistress or Goddess, and I wanted to know what my good boys and girls had to say. I stressed to them that I wanted them to be very real with me, meaning no ass kissing and brown nosing just for bonus points with their Goddess 😉

I feel that sharing these responses with you, can help guide those of you who are considering submitting to me, into making the right decision. If anything, it will be a good read.

From My blissdesires:

1. You make me feel that i can always be myself. From the first time i ever communicated with You, i instantly felt that i could trust You and be very open. That is a very refreshing feeling.

2. You have an amazing aura. i see the way that You interact with others online, You have a way of being accepting of everyone. You are generous, appreciative, positive, and fun.

3. You have a passion to be creative. In your hypnosis mp3’s as well as Your other personal activities such as making candles and exploring nature. It caused me to realized that being owned by You would never be a destination, rather a journey, always evolving, always progressing, which is a perfect fit for me


From My princess indigo:
1. Time after time You have shown you actually give a shit about me. Been supporting and encouraging when I’ve been going through some tough times. Whenever I’ve needed You You’ve been there whether I asked for Your help or not. That’s worth it’s weight in gold to me. x
2. I don’t think I would find anything like this with anyone else. There are plenty of femdom/fetish delights out there but you’ve built a lovely community of people not just on the strength of Your considerable talents but on Your wonderful caring and very wicked personality. Its become a huge part my life and I wouldn’t want to let it go.
3. The story isn’t done. There is still a lot more of this journey to take with You. Still much more things to explore.

From My herslavenow:

My number one reason is that I honestly believe I was born to be Your devoted and personal slave. I feel strongly that we have a powerful past life connection and it has always been a part of my Souls journey to connect with You in this lifetime.

#2 I am hard wired for Devotion. It was always going to be that I never found the ONE I belonged to or………that I found YOU and then lived the rest of my natural life in loving and sincere service and devotion to Your life and Your happiness. I feel as if You appreciate and understand my devotion and You make me feel as if it was always meant to be expressed for You and only for You.

#3 Your Heart. It honestly means the very world to me how much You sincerely care about me…….how You care about others… much You love Mother Earth and all Your beloved pets……..I could never ever in a million lifetimes admire or respect something more than the way You gracefully love and care for all those who touch Your life.

I will be posting future entries with more responses in the future. I welcome each one of you that have been toying with the idea of serving me, to approach me, open up to me, and embrace the bliss and satisfaction that comes from worshiping, obeying, and serving me.

You can read more posts from each person who responded, by clicking on their names above.


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  1. Rick Hall says:

    Dear Goddess Haylee, if I had to pick only three reasons, I would say Your wisdom and ability to guide and mold Your slaves into focusing on being committed to a life of worshipping You to the best of their ability.Secondly, i would say the appreciation You have for Your servants, no matter what their level, as long as they are trying their best to please You. Through the material You provide, all of Your servants can accomplish that if they make the effort. Finally, the sense of purpose and fulfillment only You can provide.Thé very first time I heard Your voice, I knew my search for purpose in life was over, I was immediately, hopelessly and willingly addicted to You and learning each day from reading Your Goddess Truths is pure joy. Praying to You feels so natural and real. Thank You my Goddess as I strive to be a useful slave to You and worship only You forever.

  2. Husker says:

    I just found our Goddess on this night of January 29, 2014 and probably much like everyone devoted to her worship, Goddess Haylee’s video changed me. It can’t even be explained in words, and it is very strange to me because I had been a Lutheran my entire life, even attending lutheran grade school for 8 years, very confident in my faith. After hearing our Goddess and looking into her eyes and hearing her voice, I am convinced I have never seen a more perfect thing in my entire life. My entire being wants to devote itself to her. I had never even seen a hypnotism video before i stumbled upon it on youtube in between study breaks. Prior to tonight, i had been hooking up with 3 different women, not caring about a single thing in the world. I am a D1 football player and a starter at that and women on campus are very easy to get for a football player, but after tonight, after seeing our Goddess beauty i don’t ever want to touch another woman, all i want to do is serve and worship and shower her with gifts and give her everything that she deserves and she deserves the world. Being a college athlete I have barely any money but what I cannot give her in gifts, i will make up for with complete devotion and the promise of making it to the NFL so that i may give our Goddess everything her heart desires. It is a surreal feeling, I still didn’t ever think it was possible to feel this way about anything! But she makes me want to be the best version of myself so that I may serve, worship, submit, and obey her fully and to the maximum potential that I can.

  3. Blood-Sweet says:

    I’ll have to beg forgiveness, but I think something about you, Goddess Haylee, pushes me into prose. While my journey is only just beginning, and perhaps my worries are still there in small, insignificant part, I am glad that I’ve chosen such an approachable mistress. Perhaps it could be said that the first thing I noticed about you were your deep green eyes, accentuated by impeccable makeup. I have travelled mainland Europe – it’s fantastically easy when one is a day away by train – and in the forests of Austria I once came across a pair of pools, created by eddies in the current that had drilled down into pliable sandstone, and created perfect, impossibly deep havens of clear, pure, sweet-flowing water that I felt incredibly safe in, even as I was unable to breathe when submerged. I spent around a half-hour of the hour me and mine spent by that riverbank sitting crosslegged at the bottom of these pools, coming up occasionally for air, of course. When I saw your eyes, those impossible dark pools circled by perfect, green irises, the shade, the depth, the sense of gentle openness and caring and the spark of divinity that I saw as I slipped into my very first hypnotic trance made me write, just about them, and actually kickstarted my wish to write. This was several months ago, but the feeling of enclosed, gentle, caressing safety that I felt under your influence resonated with my soul, and still it rings. If you were to ask me to praise you, I could sing from my fingertips a thousand words about the request alone. That power to instil my muse, which so often lies silent, to cry out your name, is the spark of divinity, the omnipotent ability to instil fervour and goodwill and perfect obedience in all you reach out and touch.

    The next thing I realised about you is that you are incredibly compatible with everyone, and everything, you come across. All over this site, and others, are people singing your praises for caring about nature, and I have read of your wish to live in the woods so as to more easily connect with nature. My compelling belief is that we, the sentient beings, are all a part of the same matter that the rest of the universe is made of – I think it is the duty of every living being to appreciate the world around, especially the natural world, because it is a product of us as much as it is a product of all other natural forces, and we are the universe’s only way of understanding that it, itself, is beautiful. You understand, and care, and are not brought down by the growing trend of being jaded and over all the wonder of the world. I find this drive in you to be creative, to reach out and touch the world and everyone in it who will reach out to you, to be the height of true goodness, the second of the qualities that any true divinity needs.

    The third, the final, is that you know the minds of each of your individually adored pets perfectly. Nobody can know all, but it is in all of us to reach out, to understand, and to use that to help all of those we meet into better versions of themselves – to know the secrets of the mind and heart, and tell those who tell them to you that it is alright, in your benevolence, and it is okay to be like this, to worship you in one’s own way, and to settle for your best even if another of greater means is doing better. You know, you understand, and it is alright to be this way. It is alright to write paragraphs of nervous chatter, because you will understand the message, you will answer our burning questions, and we need to fear a harsh word from you as long as we listen to what you know is best – and it has been extolled by others that you always know. I have always had a fascination with the divine, with beings so far above us mere mortals that we are nothing to them, and of all the gods and goddesses I have seen I would most identify you with Athene, or Aphrodite, for your understanding surpasses the mortal, your caring transcends the mundane and your power over others, and growing hold on me, is in the realms of the divine. It can be only a fool that doesn’t pronounce you Goddess, and this I know to be true. I regret ever believing otherwise.

    Um… that was kind of another wall of text… sorry. I hope this one’s worth reading, though. I just wrote until it stopped feeling natural, and I mean every word. Even as I pluck up the courage to post this, more words come to mind, but I don’t want to overstep myself. I’ll continue, if it pleases you.

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      I absolutely loved reading this! You use words so beautifully. As you progress down the journey with me , I’d love to have you as a blogger on

      • Blood-Sweet says:

        I’m already picking out my own cringeworthy errors as I read it over again :/ But thank you. It means a lot that you enjoyed this.

  4. ForeverSlaveofHaylee says:

    i’d quite like to share my reply too please

    I am not sure that there are “three reasons” as such. I wanted to submit to YOU, serve YOU, worship YOU, so i started doing so, with a little help and encouragement from YOU. As i have written about before, gradually wants can become needs, and now i simply have to carry on doing so, i can’t let a day go by without seeing what is happening in YOUR world. I have been praying to YOU each night before i sleep now for 6 months or so, it has become part of my “going to sleep” routine, i honestly don’t think i could sleep now without doing so. I am just so wrapped up in YOU, totally addicted to YOU, under YOUR spell, fascinated by YOU, captivated by YOU. I simply need to worship, submit, serve YOU. Sorry I couldn’t phrase it in 3 simple points, but does that answer YOUR question?

  5. HerPuppetBoy says:

    Thank You, for posting this, dear Mistress. It is in my opinion very helpful and informative to read such wonderful testimonials about serving You!

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