Tips for being a better submissive slave part 1

Tips for being a better submissive slave part 1

I am going to guide you a bit on what I feel it means to serve a Mistress. These tips for being a better submissive slave are great for D/S relationships online, or in person. Of course this is what I expect of you, but most of these key points will make for an all around general guideline for those seeking better submission to their online or in person Mistress of choice.

Always remember that her pleasure is your pleasure. Far too many submissives, new and experienced seem to forget this, and get wrapped up in the ME ME ME ME ME mindset. Oh Mistress do this for me, Mistress command me, Mistress I want, Mistress please let me, etc etc. Take a breath, and remind yourself that you are here for her pleasure, and simply ask yourself ” What can I do to please my Mistress today“. It does not matter if you serve your Mistress online, or in person. The relationship is still special, still significant, and still extremely personal, and REAL. My submissive slaves can attest to that. They are all over the world, yet serve me with such pride, and perfection, that it is beautiful. If you wish to truly better yourself, print these tips for being a better submissive slave out, and read them often, or at least bookmark this page, and come back to it every now and again. I will be adding more tips in future blogs as I see fit.

Take the time to praise your Mistress often. Let her know how much you adore her, how you worship her, how good it feels to relinquish control, and serve her to the best of your ability. Do not over do it though, if you send more than 1-3 messages/emails a day, include a tribute with it.

Stop comparing yourself to others. As my sweet puppy boytoy max has pointed out, in his recent article ” Many paths lead to Mistress Haylee” everyone is different, and each slave /  submissive has his or her own special path that is constructed by their Mistress. Each person is unique and has something wonderful to offer. So you can’t tribute as much as another slave, or your writing skills aren’t as polished, find what makes YOU stick out, and work each day to better yourself in the skills that you enjoy and are good at.

Stop feeling jealous or envious of others as well. Again, you are unique, you are special, you are worthy of giving yourself up in sweet surrender to your Goddess. The most important thing is that YOU personally are giving your all, and doing the best that you can to serve and please. This is why you will often see me expressing that I demand my slaves to be the absolute best version of themselves not only for their benefit, but my benefit and pleasure as well. Your Goddess deserves the best, and you will feel so much better doing this for yourself and for her.

These are just a few tips for being a better submissive slave. I will be writing more blogs to help guide you even more into more efficient submissive slavedom in upcoming posts. If anyone has any tips to share, comment on this post, or consider making on yourself on my community blog site

~Goddess Haylee





  1. Voodoo ManMagic says:

    Mistress, do you think it would be possible for me to link to this article to the website in the hypnosis group. I was hoping to build a section on proper etiquette and jealousy as well as tips for being a better submissive. Both the group and I would be better for it.
    Thank you,
    Voodoo ManMagic

  2. luke weston says:

    You are the Mother and Goddess of pleasure. I will take to heart your commands and begin praising you everyday. I will write as much as you wish of me. I wish to hear more commands that you desire and will try to please. I hope that one day all of our energy we give you will overly satisfy you with infinite bliss as it is the least you deserve, Goddess.

  3. ajsnow28 says:

    Another thing that speaks true to me. We all serve Goddess in different ways. Let us all just surrender, and be what Goddess wants us to be.

  4. ajsnow28 says:

    Words to live by. I always try and be my best for you, Goddess. I will read over all of your guidance and follow it unconditionally.

  5. ForeverSlave says:

    Many thanks for making and sharing this, i will try hard to follow all Your instructions and suggestions

  6. Rodimus says:

    Excellent tips Mistress, you are wise beyond your years.
    I know I haven’t done the best job so far learning these tips, I know I still have a lot more to learn from you Goddess, and I look forward to all future lessons you may have.
    You do a lot to improve your slaves and I for one am greatly appreciative. Thank you Mistress, Goddess, my Queen.

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