Its Time To Please And Obey Your Mistress


Hello all of my eager play things, my devoted boy toys, and my mindless Haylee dolls. I have a slave task for you. One that will make pleasing me simple, yet arousing. You will obey your Mistress because I want you to please me and obey what I am about to tell you. Simple as that. I promise that obeying me, and pleasing me is going to feel soooooo good. You want to feel my pleasure don’t you my pet?

Here is what I want you to do for me. I have created a new page on here called mp3 reviews. I want you to write a review for me on each of my erotic hypnosis mp3s that you have listened to. It doesn’t have to be long, keep it to a maximum of 2 -3 paragraphs.  I want you to really sit there and think about the words that you choose to use. You can send them one at a time, you don’t have to send a review for every file that you have right away, although that will please me even more. Remember, this is for please ME. It will also help all of you in the future, for you will be able to read reviews before making a purchase of my files.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with…. I know it will be pleasing 😉

Now I want you to please me and obey your Mistress. Start working on this task as soon as possible.

Also, if you haven’t checked out my latest mp3 release, make sure to do so. It is called mind melt, and it truly is dangerously effective 😉 The feedback that I am getting on it is mind blowing, so very pleasing. Click HERE to listen to a free sample and purchase it.


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