The ONE TRUE GODDESS Erotic Hypnosis mp3

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30 mins

Listen with headphones for the full ASMR Binaural effect

This file is for those who wish to have an exclusive dynamic with one Goddess only . In this instance that Goddess is ME. Cravings and desires to serve, worship, and lust after other Women will be erased so that you can put all of your energy into focusing only on your one true Divine Goddess Haylee. THE only Woman who will EVER have any power or Dominance over you.

Sometimes previous relationships do not work out, and long after, triggers and emotions are still effective. This file will erase all of that, as you accept that My power and control is the only real power and control.

This file has a very DEEP in depth induction, full of crisp finger snaps, triggers, conversational hypnosis, NLP, ASMR  and fractionation.


  • Note- this is meant to be listened to by people who already only worship ME, or who are not in a serious D/S relationship with another Domme/s . This is not meant to be listened to by already claimed slaves, as that would be highly disrespectful.





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