Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale!


Happy Thanksgiving my sweets! I am having a Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale~! Every single erotic hypnosis mp3 in my STORE is  $15.00 each for these days! That is at least half off each mp3!! A deal like this does not come too often, so make sure to take advantage of it, and share this post by clicking the share buttons below!

You MUST use the buttons below in this post for this sale! Do not repurchase again through my store. If you do they will be full price, and you will not be eligible for the sale, unless you use the buttons below. Just use my store to tell me the title/s of the mp3/s that you want.

To participate in this sale, use the add to cart button below. Purchase the $15.00 charge for each mp3/s that you want. Then email me at letting me know which mp3/s you would like. I will then email you back with the file/s. I will be gone for a few short hours today, so no matter what, the email will be sent to you either instantly, or a few moments after purchase.

Enjoy my bliss~

The sale is over, thank you to all of those who participated!~

(You may also use the buttons  to send in tribute to me if you are feeling extra submissive and in the mood to please, which I know that you are 😉 )



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  1. Haywood says:

    I’m soooo grateful to just see a new picture of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you (I’m not normally this desperate this quickly over anything…what in the heck?), thank you…a thousand times, thank you.

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