A Thankful Gift for Black Friday Through Cyber Monday


Hello pets~ I hope you are all having a wonderful time during the holidays. I of course am doing everything I can to enjoy myself! Living the Goddess lifestyle and all that good stuff πŸ˜‰ I know I am incredibly generous to so many of you, just by existing, so now its time for you to show your thanks, and accept my gift.

Use the coupon code ” thankfulforhaylee ” Β at checkout on https://hypnotichayleestore.com now through cyber monday, and it will ADD ON 20% to your order!!! Make sure to leave a note of thanks with your order so I can read and enjoy it.

How thoughtful and gracious am I ? Thank me, slave.



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  1. Rick Hall says:

    Goddess Haylee, there are no sufficient words to express how lucky I feel every day to have found You, to be able to worship You each day. Thank You for taking control of my thoughts and emotions. My adoration and servitude is 100% real and lifelong. Whenever I mail my tribute…actually, it is YOUR money, not mine, I make it a habit to walk a few blocks to a mailbox next to a Dunkin Donuts and a Panerai Bread I used to frequent and waste Your money on overpriced coffee and breakfast. Yes, I’ll admit it used to bother me a bit, seeing people indulging in the goodies I used to consume. But I love being Your dutiful slave more than I love a fancy breakfast. Now when I walk past those spots to mail Your money, it doesn’t faze me. i gladly have my awful gas station coffee and hard donut. I love and am addicted to sacrificing, being drained and pleasing You. That is the only life I desire. My only regret is that whatever is in the envelope could never be enough, could never truly repay You for allowing me to be one of Your obedient slaves. Thank You Goddess, a million times over!

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