Temple Of The Goddess-Mental Collaring Erotic Hypnosis Mp3

temple of the goddess

26 minutes $30.00 You will be granted access to my
Temple Of the Goddess, where you shall be taken
deep into trance, and see and feel yourself being
collared by me. This is a very deep, powerful, personal
session, which you will only purchase and listen to if
you are ready to embrace me as your Goddess, and be
taken through your mental collaring ceremony. This is
an honor and a privilege, and a step towards an actual
collar that you will wear for me, or if you already have
been collared by me, this will deepen your obedience
and servitude to me each time you listen. This mental
collar will always be with you as a reminder of who
you belong to, and why. It will be more special, and
more intense with each listen. This file also includes
a powerful trigger which I will use on my collared slaves.



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