Sweet Love Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 – Free Sample


I am so excited to release this file. I have been floating on a cloud of bliss ever since I started working on it. This is insanely intimate, and makes my entire body tingle just thinking about you listening to it~

35 minutes

This is a very sensual, slow, loving trance. It has a long, seductive induction, and is full of Goddess visualizations that will make you feel as if I am there with you caressing your body, kissing your lips, and enchanting you so beautifully. This is a serious love and addiction file, and is perfect to listen to when you just want to feel connected to your Goddess. Trance lovers will go crazy over this one~

Everything is about me. I am your all. You will feel me so deeply inside of you. My loving control has its grasp on you. You will fall deeper than you ever have, as my soft, sweet voice takes over your thoughts, and you find your body responding to my commands effortlessly. Your connection to me will grow even stronger as you listen to this intimate file.

Recording and listening to this file made me feel extremely sexy, and intimate. Just imagine what it is going to do to you..

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