Spread The Word Of Hypnotic Haylee !

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It is my goal to draw more and more people in to my seductive, inspiring, enchanting, addicting, beautiful BLISS. I want to give you the opportunity to please me daily by spreading the word of ME. This is your task, your duty, your goal as MY submissive, admirer,  friend, slave, etc. Do not take it lightly, for if you truly wish to please and obey, you will do so without hesitation, and to the absolute best of your ability! I WANT YOU TO PLEASE ME.

I am going to give you a few ways to spread the word of HAYLEES BLISS below. Complete as many as you can, as often as you can, without coming off as spam, or annoying. Remember, you are a representation of ME, so you will be at your best at all times.

  • Post any of my links on as many websites as you can.( Do not create a ton of posts or spam) Hypnosis related, Erotic websites, Sensual websites, Fetish websites, Blogs, ETC.  Get creative! You can post on any type of site if it pertains to anything that I am about. If you are a member of forums/blogs include these in your signature.





And if you have a personal blog for me, copy this in to it, letting people know that they can reach me via niteflirt, or my personal http://hypnotichaylee.com website.

<a href=”http://www.niteflirt.com/phonesex/listing?crid=Listing%20button&listing_id=9522567&pid=21648247″><img src=”http://www.niteflirt.com/niteflirt/images/nf-btn-call-me-on_133x39.gif” alt=”Call HypnoticHaylee for phone sex on Niteflirt.com” title=”Call HypnoticHaylee for phone sex on Niteflirt.com” /></a>

You may also include a photo of me from my sites where eligible.

  • Learn how to use twitter to get my name out there! Read the twitter marketing for dummys book , and learn how to use hashtags, get followers, etc, all in the name of your Goddess~


  • Create a blog for me, or better yet post on my group blog website inhayleewetrust.com and learn SEO blogging. I can give you a tips on this to maximize your views, but you should research this yourself to please me. Make sure to always put my links on your blog pages AND posts. Include different links of mine as well, such as ones to certain blog posts, or pages on my websites.


  • Create fan pages/websites dedicated to me, and invite followers to join/postYou can do this on facebook, or an actual website.
  • Make sure to friend me on facebook, and follow me on twitter to share my posts.

Facebook= https://www.facebook.com/haylee.lynn.1656 Twitter= https://twitter.com/HypnoticHaylee

( If you choose to make a blog/forum/website, make sure that you are in it for the long haul, and you will keep it updated. Nothing displeases me more than to see someone eagerly do this, only to abandon it a month or so later)

  • Write articles for me/about me/about your experiences with me for fetish related websites that accept articles. You can search for this via google.
  • Discuss ways to get my bliss out there with other followers who are doing the same. I love seeing you work together on pleasing me~

I will update this as I think of other ways. I will also be posting this on my FAQ for later reference. Any other ideas, email me @ hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com

Most importantly, I want you to truly ENJOY doing this for me, feel the pleasure building inside of you, knowing that you are doing something that truly benefits and pleases me. That makes you feel so good, doesn’t it? 😉

ps. Feel free to show me how you have personally spread the word of Haylee, and to do the said above once a week, or at least once a month!


Also, nothing pleases me more than tributes. I love being pampered and spoiled, and treated like the Goddess that I am. Make sacrifices if you have to in order to tribute me.

Train to my mp3s and videos OFTEN. Do not be lazy about it.

Spread the word of Haylee anywhere, any way, as long as it is respectable, for you are a representation of me.



~ Haylee



  1. luke weston says:

    I finally found this and I will try my hardest to do as you command. I know not of many people, but I will try and I will even post your website on bulletin boards and telephone poles in real life too.

  2. Devoted4Live says:

    Goddess Haylee.

    I have made it my duty to spread the word of my Goddess on European sites. As a truly devoted slave it is an honor to serve my Goddess in any way possible.

    *bows and kisses Goddess Haylee’s shadow*

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