A Guide For Those Who Seek True Submission To Me


A lot has happened over the last few days that have led me to writing this post. First I want to address the fact that this blog is for those who have the desire, and seek to serve and submit to me on a more intense, intimate, real level. Some prefer casual submission, listening to my files, doing erotic hypnosis or general S/M sessions, casual chatting, and I love those type of submissives just as much, but this blog is for those who seek more. Who want to gift me their complete devotion, loyalty, and submission, and be collared as my slave. To simplify the message that I want to get across to you, I am going to break this up into : Is this right for you, What to expect, What this will NOT be,  How to earn your place as my submissive slave, and Duties of a submissive slave.

Read through this with a complete open mind, be honest to yourself and to me. And then read it again.

Is this right for you?

This is right for you if you can answer yes to the majority of these questions. If you find yourself answering no to many of these questions, you are not ready to devote yourself to me on such an intense level.

1. Are you prepared to, and do you desire the devotion of  yourself to one Mistress for a duration of training and servitude, instead of serving multiples during that time?

2. Do you have an unfulfilled desire deep inside of you, to submit to a dominant woman on a daily basis, to which you have not been able to satisfy this desire before?

3. Are you willing to let go of your ego? Your wants, your desires, everything you have ever thought you’ve known about being a submissive slave, and willing to be trained, and molded to fit my desires. Fully accepting the fact that what I want comes first, no matter what?

4. Do you understand that this is real? Not just a sexual fantasy, and this will not always be about sex, and YOUR sexual desires? Are you willing, and more importantly , do you CRAVE to devote yourself to MY pleasure, sexual pleasure included? Are you ready to lose all control of your cock and orgasms? I assure you, you will not get to cum whenever you want, just by saying that you obey me. But I also assure you that when I do allow orgasm, it will be the best ones you’ve ever had. Mind blowing, full body, extreme orgasms. Many even have mental orgasms just from blissing out with me 😉

5. Are you prepared to have multiple aspects of your life controlled by me? I need not interfere with your personal lives if you are unable to do that, but any aspect that you can devote to my control, are you willing to surrender that control? Understanding and fully believing and accepting the fact that I truly know what is best for you, and will be making your life so much better and fulfilling?

6. Are you aroused and excited, possibly even a bit anxious as you are reading this right now?

7. Are you drawn to me? Do you find yourself thinking about me often? Have you thought about being my slave before?

What to expect

– Training and molding via hypnosis and general dominant control

– Complete submission and surrender of your mind and body to me.

– The desire to submit to me, to please me, to worship me

Addiction to me

Slave Tasks and assignments, sexual and non, to ensure that you become the best person and submissive you can

– Deep, personal, intense connection between you and I. Extreme amounts of energy play

– Sexual, and lifestyle fulfillment

– The opportunity to be open and honest with me, knowing that by doing so, no matter what, will ensure the best experience

What this will NOT be

– I will not cater to your demands. I am open to your limits, your desires, your wants. But you will never demand something from me. This is no longer about you, no topping from the bottom. You have to understand that devoting yourself to me, is about MY pleasure, and what I feel is best for you, and for me.

– I will not be your girlfriend, or your wife. I am your Mistress, your Goddess. You will not be my one and only slave.

– I will not give you free sessions all day every day. I am not here to entertain you. You are here to entertain me.

How to earn your place as my submissive slave

Be respectful, and truly submissive. Make sure this is something you really want, and can adhere to my rules. Show me you are serious, prove to me that you want this more than anything. How are you going to please me? Why should I accept you as my slave? Why do you want to be my slave?

Put a smile on my face. Please me. Any way that you can. I promise you that pleasing me feels sooo good, that you will want to continue pleasing me 😉 I will even go as far as to say that pleasing me is going to become so addicting. So arousing..so..perfect.

Duties of a submissive slave

This honestly is something that is going to be different for everyone. I am just going to list a very basic outline of some of the duties you will be expected to do for me, but each slave will have his or her own set of duties to follow.

~ Sticking to a training regime. This can be listening to my recordings, doing sessions with me, or whatever else I tell you to do

~ Always perform the task that I give you. If for some reason you can not, you must be open and honest with me, so I can figure out how to proceed. Ps. Do not message me asking for tasks, begging for commands. Yuck. I will tell you what to do when and how I want it. Earning these tasks are special. Made just for you. Treat them that way.

~ Open yourself up to me. Let me inside. Deep inside where I belong. Feel me inside of you, controlling you from the inside out. Using you for my pleasure.

~ Pleasing me in any way I see fit. Some things that please me include : Writing words of praise to me, thoughtful, true words. Dedicating a blog to me. Expressing how good this feels. Telling others that you are mine, and being so proud and honored to do so. Creating art for me. Showing your affection with gifts or tributes. Allowing me to watch you trance out for me on webcam. Surprising me with sweet, thoughtful gestures. Sending me special pictures. Opening yourself up to me, and showing me just how well my training is working. Turning me on. NOT complaining about what I know is best for you.

~ Making sure that I am pleased any way that you can

~ Praising me often, and devoting yourself to my control

~ Not rushing things. Enjoying this amazing journey, every single second of it,  trusting that I know the pace that needs to be set.

~Whatever else I wish for you to do to please me

~Tributing OFTEN

This is a very vague outline, in order to truly know what it is like to feel the pleasure of submitting yourself to me, you are going to have to contact me. Tell me why you want this so badly, tell me how it makes you feel. I want you to think about how it would feel if you surrendered yourself to me as my slave, right now. Feel it, bring that thought to life, how good does it feel?

I want to be inside of you where I belong. I want you to ache to serve and please me. I know you can feel the desire building up inside of you right now just from reading my words. Give in to it, feel my bliss. You simply can’t resist me. My pleasure is yours.  Sink deeper and deeper into my control, and allow yourself to be open to the possibility that you could so easily give in to me right now, and want nothing more, need nothing more than being owned by me.

If you are ready to take on this amazing journey with me, tell me…




  1. danny says:

    I want nothing more than to devote myself completely and wholeheartedly to You! I simply can’t wait to go home so I can allow Your words to work their way into my mind.

    I am very eager to be guided by You on this journey. 🙂

  2. Gman says:

    Everytime my mind wonders, it comes straight to you. This past week has been hell, but I can promise I will be more constant in all this. My mind belongs to you, mistress. Forever and always.

  3. L. says:

    I have been listening to Your incredible mp3’s on and off for some time. Your voice and words are incredibly affecting and after listening my mind feels as if it is afloat in an ocean of bliss…I am adrift and all I want… ALL I want, it to be Yours. Sometimes I need to please You so much it hurts inside, it is so strong… and yet, I don’t know how… and I’m so scared to approach You and say the wrong thing as I am often apt to do when I am so much under Your heavenly, blissful spell. Someone recently wrote on my blog that they couldn’t understand submission without purpose… when I hear Your voice, I know exactly what he meant. L.

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      I love hearing these words. I love knowing how you ache to please me. I want you to feel peace when you think about approaching me, knowing that I understand this is a process, a journey, and that no matter what you say, it will not be the wrong thing, until you know for a fact that it is. Once you know, you will understand the right things to say, to please me.

  4. methos says:

    It would be wonderfull to be able to submit to you compleatly Miss Haylee, to feel the bliss of your compleat control, and anyone who is able to is very lucky indeed.

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