THE SLAVENING erotic hypnosis mp3

This file is SERIOUSLY good. I mean REALLY Good. Yes all of mine are amazing, but there is something special about this one…

28 minutes

You have been influenced. You will buy this file for a reason that has been implanted in your mind before this file was even released. I am so powerful. Your journey either begins, or deepens today. Perhaps both. There is no stopping it. From the moment you finish reading this description, your fingers will already be going through the motion to do what it takes to acquire this file and listen to it. I am so powerful. This is the slavening. An experience unlike any other. Are you ready? Of course you are. Or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. I have brought you here. So many moments have lead you to this place in time. Relax, and open up your mind. This. Is. The. Slavening.

* Deep Trance* * Confusing Induction* * Binaural 3d ASMR Audio* ( causes pleasant tingles and sounds truly like I am there whispering directly into your ear) * multi-layer mind fucking tracks*





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