Slave and Submissive Training Tasks and Assignments

I have decided to further your submissive obedience, training, dedication, and worship. I will be adding at least 3 new slave tasks and assignments to my online store each and every week. Make sure to collect and complete them all in order to grow as my submissive/slave, and be the best that you can be for me. Here are this weeks 3 new assignments. Enjoy.


$10.00 This is an assignment for you to show and feel your loyalty to your Goddess Haylee. It comes with a more subtle option of completion, and a more public/risky one. This was on my niteflirt page so if you purchased slave assignment 1 there, you do not need to purchase this again.Click To Purchase
Ultimate Feminization Shopping List

$10.00 This shopping list has all sorts of items that you will be able to use for all of my other feminization tasks as well as fun feminization phone sessions with me, and kinky/girly days/nights for yourself or with others.Click To Purchase
Daily Sacrifices

$10.00 This is a task/assignment which will teach you the pleasure of making sacrifices in order to please your Goddess. This will be a constant daily reminder of who and why you serve. Sacrifice=Obedience=PleasureClick To Purchase


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