Sample of Junes Patreon mp3- Irresistible Sirens Song

21 mins

This is a deeply progressive mind fuck. Each stage of this file becomes more intense and full of subliminal reprogramming. This is not for the casual hypnosis indulger, but for the aching subservient mindfuck connoisseur. My blissful, irresistible sirens song WILL penetrate all parts of your mind. Your conscious mind will be open and alert as your subconscious mind is blasted sensually with intense brainwashing so that your unconscious mind stores my suggestions and commands forever. This file is designed to build in intensity as each section includes more and more subliminal mind fucking. There is a beautiful, blissful come down at the end.

I put an immense amount of work into this file. The audio is crystal clear 3d audio to gift you the experience of feeling as if I am right there in the room with you, whispering directly into your ear. You can feel my breath against your skin, as my words penetrate each part of your open eager mind. This is unlike any experience that you will ever have.

This file also utilizes triggers from previous  mp3s

This is a MUST LISTEN! I am seriously so proud of this file. I DEMAND that you indulge~

Pledge on patreon at the $35 tier any time in the month of June for download access to this file! Along with other exclusive goodies like snapchat, photos, videos and tasks!


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