Samhain Slave Ritual

samhain slave ritual

Today is a VERY magickal day~ Especially in the evening. I always enjoy this evenings ritual more than any night of the year. I work on cycles, personal growth, ridding myself of what I need to, and drawing to me what I desire. I have a ritual that I would like for you to do, that will make you an even better slave and person, because we both know that I deserve the absolute best.

Items required


2 pieces of paper

Small pouch to put paper in *optional*

Candle with lighter/matches

Fire safe dish or simple do this out at a fire pit. 

Settle down somewhere where you can be relaxed, and free of all distractions. Put yourself in a relaxed state of mind. On the first piece of paper, write down everything that you wish to rid yourself of in terms of being a slave to me. For example, you may write down ” My inclination to make excuses” ” Not obeying as I should” ” Resistance or guilt” etc etc , this can be anything that you no longer wish to have. As you write down each one, really think about WHY you don’t want this, and after you write it down, say out loud ” I will no longer do this, be this way, etc”

After you are finished, roll up the paper and light the candle. Carefully light the paper and place it in the fire safe dish/bowl/cauldron. ( If you feel more safe, have a fire extinguisher near by, or a bowl of water) Let it burn away as you think about everything you do not want burning away with the paper.

Now write down everything you wish to be as a slave to me. This can include ” I will worship every day without excuses” ” I will trust in Haylee more” ” I will train more” ” I will give more of myself and make this more real”  Anything that you feel will make you a better slave to me, write down. Keep these realistic, things that you truly need to work on and will do. Fold this piece of paper three times and sleep with it under your pillow for three nights. After that you may place it anywhere you’d like.

Gather the ashes once cooled, and take them with you and dispose of them as far away from you as possible.





  1. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    I couldn’t do this on Samhain – can I do it on the first available opportunity – which will probably be tomorrow (Monday)?

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