1. luke weston says:

    I will obey you. Your eyes and voice take over my mind while your lips and hair place my physical body to your mercy. I will watch it over and over until my eyes are fried just before blindness, so I can watch more later.

  2. ajsnow28 says:

    I swear I’ve watched this nearly 100 times. Goddess is so worthy of our servitude. Those eyes…can make me do, think and believe anything.

  3. Bob says:

    Good evening, Lady Haylee.

    First off, I would like to thank you; as the video had relaxed me to a trance-like state.

    Secondly, I strongly agree w/ the comments I read in regards to ASMR. The rich, calming flow of your voice had triggered that for me as well and I therefore think you would be a natural at making such types of videos. The ASMR community would benefit greatly from one such as yourself and I imagine such would be mutual.

    Hoping to be further relaxed by your velvet voice,

  4. Devoted4Live says:

    When I saw that Goddess Haylee had posted a new video, I was both extrmely happy and also frustrated. Happy and grateful that Goddess made this for all her lowly servants and frustrated because I noticed this video at a time when I did not have the possibility to watch it.

    The trip home felt like it took hours because I knew what was waiting for me. More conditioning by Goddess Haylee. I felt like a small kid the night before Christmas morning.

    I have now had the chance to watch and enjoy Goddess’ gift to all of us and I have already rewatched it 5 times. I truly enjoyed it and it made me relax even more. I have found that I get an unbelievable high from being hypnotized and for that I am really grateful.

    Thank YOU Goddess Haylee.

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