Realistic Ways To Please Me

Revised on 5/20/19

How can I please you Mistress? What can I do to please you Goddess?

(read to the end for an important note)

Have you ever asked, or felt compelled to ask me that question before? I bet you have..because pleasing me after all, is YOUR ultimate pleasure.

Now before I go ahead and answer that question, I want to talk about a few things.

I LOVE what I do..I couldn’t be happier than I am right now with the life that I live, and the wonderful people that I allow into my life, and the amazingly loyal, obedient slaves that I give the gift of allowing to serve me.

For the ones who do serve me, we both fully understand that this is a long distance relationship. Even being so far, I am always extremely close. The relationship that I build with my submissives ends up fulfilling all of their deepest desires, and they get to serve an amazing Mistress, feeling just as deeply satisfied as if this were to happen in person. This is why I have so many loyal boys and girls at my beck and call, serving me, all over the world.

I do however have to make one thing clear. Pleasing me can prove to be a challenge, since we are not in the same room, and I can’t use you the same way that I would if you were here. Now my voice, my WORDS, train you completely, and I have you exactly where I want you..but the challenge of pleasing me should be one that is fun for you, and one that you strive to do each and every day.

Nothing turns me off more, than the over excited , clueless man messaging me, dick in hand, asking ” I’m ready to serve you, how can I please you Goddess”? In hopes that I will command him to stroke, or command him to cum for me…or toss out commands in general that benefit only him. Now think to yourself…do you REALLY think that is going to please me? What do I benefit from that? The ones who do get commands like that are the ones who really do please me, and I feel deserve to feel the ultimate pleasure and bliss that comes from me truly controlling their cocks, orgasms, masturbation, etc. You have to earn that privilege of full mind and body control from me.

I am going to list a few ways that you could truly please me, and earn the privilege of more online play and commands from me.

* You can tribute me. Tributes are my favorite way to be pleased.. Click here to read all of the ways in which you can tribute Me. 

* Purchase something from my amazon wishlist, or send me an giftcard. What Goddess doesn’t simply adore being pampered, spoiled, and showered with gifts? Click HERE to please me in this way

* Write reviews for my erotic hypnosis mp3s that you have listened to, or write a product/service testimonial!Simply click the review button next to the mp3 on My store that you are reviewing and leave a review!! DO THIS FOR EVERY mp3 you listen to!!

* Start a twitter page and tweet daily about your journey with me. Help get my name out there so I can build my army of slaves even bigger 😉 Daily devotional tweets from you will always put a smile on my face and please me perfectly. Click HERE to create a twitter account, and don’t forget to follow like a good boy @hypnotichaylee

* Spread the word of Haylee anywhere appropriate! Fetish sites, forums, social media etc!

* Do you have any other useful skills that could please me? Good with photoshop or other editing programs? Editing mp3s or videos? Social media? Marketing? Know whats that will help me expand my empire? Get in touch!

* Send me little emails just to let me know that you love to please me, and love being mine. ( Do NOT do this if you haven’t purchased sessions/mp3s/tributes often and expect me to chat with you )

* Communicate with the other slaves in the house of Haylee, and encourage and support each other to better please me~

* Treat me to a spa day, fancy restaurant, drinks with the girlfriends, mani/pedi etc. The best way to do this is to tribute me directly because it goes directly into my bank account, but you could also do this through niteflirt.

* Give me more control over your day to day life. This must include benefit to me as well, through various methods stated above.

* Simply love and adore me, and always strive to better yourself for my pleasure. Make me your top priority.

*Become creative, and find ways to please me on your own. Putting a smile on my face isn’t hard. You live to please me, and pleasing me is your ultimate pleasure.

* If you are creative, consider becoming a blogger on any blog site or your own, to spread the word of Haylee!

  • Train as often as possible to My  mp3s!! Try to collect them all!

I will be updating this as I think of other ways for you to please me, so make sure you check back often. I will make a link for this under the please me tab above.

NOTE-   a VERY important thing to keep in mind, that I acknowledge and accept, is that everyone is different. Each and every one of you who come to me to serve me, I cherish, and appreciate your gift of submission to me. Not every one can afford a ton of sessions, or gifts, not every one is good at writing reviews, posting blogs, etc. I know this..the only thing that truly matters is the effort that you put into serving me. I never want you to think that you aren’t good enough, or trying hard enough to please me..unless that TRULY is the case. If you try your best, and do what you can to please me ,that is all that matters.

If you have never spoken to me before, yet feel completely drawn to me…contact me. Do not be shy, or fear that you don’t have what it takes to please and serve me for so and so reason/s. Everyone has something to offer me in ways of submission and my pleasure. I want all of you. I want some of you. I want the best you have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you have to keep this private, or if you can only speak once a week, or every day! It doesn’t matter if you can only listen to my mp3s and email me, or only do calls…you can still be mine, and feel the effects of my pleasurable bliss.

I wrote this post as a set of guidelines, not rules. Sometimes a person just has to be trained properly to step outside of the  ME ME ME ” top from the bottom” mindset, and learn to embrace the bliss of true submission. Truly deriving pleasure from pleasing their Mistress.

~Hypnotic Haylee



  1. Sub Chris says:

    Can’t wait to start pleasing you Goddess Haylee. All I could dream of last night was how I could worship you.

  2. Köhler, Tobias says:

    Hello Mrs. Hypnotic Haylee. Good Blog. I love it. Last Night i dream you wear 4 watches and you hypnotized me with a poket Watch. Hmmmmmm i like it. Good Day for you.

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