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This is SO much fun! You can read this post and submit a question anonymously by clicking here. I’ve already received a ton of questions, so I am going to start with 5 of them, and make another blog sometime soon, and keep going with this.

1. What was your major in college?  I duel majored in education and psychology. I only stayed in college for a year. It was not for me at all! I loved the college experience outside of the classes. I did not enjoy having a schedule, or being told what to do lol! I am SO happy that I followed my intuition and decided to leave. Now I am living a fully enriched Goddess lifestyle and could not be happier!!!

2. If you had the option of brainwashing someone, male or female, in person and turning them into either a complete bimbo or a slutty french maid forever, which one would you pick and why 

That all would depend on the individual that I was with at the time. I think both roles can be fun to play with and explore. If it was in person, a maid would be more useful to me, so I most likely would go with that, and train her to serve me perfectly. Phone sessions, most likely a bimbo-bot, because it is so amusing to witness a person transforming into that persona.

3. Could you please do a foot hypnosis/worship video? PLLEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEE!!! 🙂 

Firstly- you can beg WAY better than that. Yes, one day I plan on doing a foot hypnosis/worship video. I will incorporate very real and deep hypnosis techniques, followed by extreme training and suggestive implants to make you NEED to worship and adore my gorgeous and perfect feetTriggers will be included of what will happen WHEN you see photos/videos of my exquisite Goddess feet.

4. Hello Mistress Haylee, I watch your you tube channel and videos. I find myself drawn towards you but I dont feel that I must watch all the the time. How will I take the next step into your world? 

You simply dive right into it. If you feel the calling, the aching need building inside of you, then find yourself doing whatever it takes to please me and earn my attention. This will allow you access to my world. The more you surround yourself with me and my bliss, and the world that I have created, the more you will find yourself craving more and more of me all of the time.

5. What inspired you to create art?

My inspiration comes from so many places. The people in my life are a MAJOR inspiration to me. My beloved slaves, my friends, my family, my lover. I am inspired by the energy that you all put forth to me. Witnessing the bliss that you all receive from my special art, erotic and non, fills me with absolute motivation and inspiration to continue creating more and more. The more energy that I receive, the more inspiration surges through me, and ends up NEEDING to come out in the form or blissful mp3s, videos, paintings, etc.

If you did not see your question answered, you will in an upcoming blog post. Click the link above to submit a question!



  1. Aaron Rendoff says:

    Hi Goddess Haylee! I really want to thank you for being my inspiration every day and night because you are worthy of it, and I am doing much better than I did earlier today because of the cerebral palsy and I went to the Nutcracker today but I always think of you every second because I surrender, listen and obey you because you are my Goddess and I am your good boy and slave! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Aaron Rendoff says:

    Hi Miss tress Halee! I want to thank you for relaxing me and telling me what to do I just started watching your videos last night! My name is Aaron Rendoff and I have cerebral palsy but I look for the things that I can do!

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      Hi there, I read your comments, and think its best you do not watch the videos, so you do not suffer any negative affects, but feel free to enjoy these websites!

      • Aaron Rendoff says:

        Hi My Lady Haylee! I appreciate you understanding about the seizures! Is there any way you can set up a non video trance for people like me who have seizures because I feel relaxed when you hypnotized me, it is that I have a hard time with lights and sound!

        • Aaron Rendoff says:

          Hi My Lady Haylee I want you to know that you are very important to me and I think about you all the time and I listen surrender and obey and truly respect you for who you are in my heart!

          • Aaron Rendoff says:

            Hi my Lady Haylee, I want you to know that I have actually fallen for you because I need you here, and I want you to know that even though I am having a non Hosptial seizure right now because of the cerebral palsy meaning I am trembling because my body is a human earthquake but I am wide awake I am your good boy!

        • hypnotichaylee says:

          I have mp3s, but I am honestly not sure if they would cause you problems or not. I think some with the binural beats, and tones and such would not be good for you.

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