Have I ever put someone in a trance using witchcraft? Ask me anything pt 5



Have you ever put someone in trance using a real spell or witchcraft? Have you ever made someone do something while under this kind of control?

I have explained several times that witchcraft has nothing to do with hypnosis, but this question can be answered a bit differently. I have never used a spell or witchcraft to put someone in a trance, but I have cast spells on someone while they were in a trance for me. I have even woven a trance in with my ritual spell work. While I have acted out similar things in a fantasy scene during role play phone sex, what I am talking about here is SERIOUS, and very intimate. Very special. I would not do this with just anyone. I am often in a trance while doing this as well.

Of course I have made people do things while under this type of control. Participation in the ritual, to make it more potent. Once the spell is complete, I often have them sit there in trance for a while, while I meditate on the magick, and give them affirmations to repeat after me. Sending this mutual energy out in to the universe is very pleasant. A true bonding , and empowering experience.

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  1. Steve says:

    I would be willing to be placed in trance while you perform witchcraft and a spell off your choice. Please let me know if it is something that you wish to pursue some day.

  2. john david says:

    Goddess thank You for entertaining our questions, I love to read Your replies! Actually, I love reading anything, literally anything from You! I often read them literally a dozen times because it feels so good and has such truth! You are the greatest!!

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