Post Birthday Store Sale! 30% off cart coupon


I had an AMAZING birthday! Gift showoff photos will be posted tomorrow! For now, I wanted to do a store coupon sale!

Use the code happybdayhaylee when checking out to receive 30% off of your entire order! Your subtotal must be a minimum of  $100( but you can add on products that equal a higher amount, and receive 30% off) . Using this coupon will take it down to $70.00 ! This will only last until tomorrow evening, so make sure to stock up on all of my irresistible, bliss inducing products asap! The BEST way to celebrate my power, control, and hold over you is by having Haylee marathons. Pick a few items that you haven’t heard yet, put them all on your mp3 player, and bliss out for hours back to back!


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  1. Andy says:

    This is what truly amazes me: I was just wanting to thank you for sharing your birthday with us, sharing the celebration and joy and fun of it with so many. As I was mulling over the thought of how giving and generous you are, I find this: such a generous gift of your incredibly beautiful art and a bonus discount so more can feel even better! You are simply amazing!!!

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