Poll- Vote For My Next Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 Theme!

I have been working on a few different ideas, and am loving all of them! So I am going to let my slaves and sweets vote on which mp3 theme that I do next!

*- Slave Girl Puppy Play – I will address you as a female, and treat you like my sweet puppy slave girl. This will include a lot of visualizations, fantasy, and deep training hypnosis. Your body will be completely soft, sensitive, and trigger play will be used to make you whimper and beg. Tease and denial not knowing if release will be allowed at the end or not~

* Pantyhose covered legs fetish play- My soft, silky pantyhose covered legs dangling in front of your face, swaying my feet back and forth to induce a deep hypnotic trance. Deepeners of feeling as if your body is encased in silky soft pantyhose. A lot of teasing , cock control, orgasm control, weakening of your mind and body. Goddess worship.

* Anal Play- Exploration into anal play. Inhibitions, resistance and fear is lost while under my sweet seductive spell. You can use a toy, or your fingers ( don’t forget the lube 😉 ) to experience a whole new set of sensations while I program you to enjoy doing this because it is amusing for me. This will be a provocative, dirty talking file. You will be made to feel like a little ass slut, craving your toy or fingers deep inside of you.

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  1. aching4haylee says:

    My order of choice is 2 then 1 then 3.
    So my vote is a big. 2. Your legs are amazing and for me it’s a no brainer. Thank you Goddess for your hard work.

  2. orin says:

    pantyhose would be the best miteress to feel you in the room with me touching your silky legs would be an on-hour

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