Do I Plan To Get Married Some Day?


Someone asked me this question, and I find it interesting.

Do you plan to get married someday or would you embrace the goddess lifestyle forever?”

First off, I AM married. I’ve been with my partner for almost 11 years now. Hes an amazing man, and treats me like the Goddess that I am, every single day. Why I wonder, to this person asking, does being married mean that I do not get to embrace the Goddess lifestyle forever? If anything, I embrace it MORE by being married to a man who caters to my every need, so that I may be free to do things that I enjoy doing every single day. He takes care of cleaning, laundry, dishes, house work, etc. He pays all the bills, and pampers me greatly. He works, and worships the ground that I walk on.

So yes, my plan to get married has happened, and I also plan to embrace the Goddess lifestyle forever. I simply am living the life that I was meant to live. I will have slaves until the day I die.

What makes you get wet. Not trying to be funny, just wondering what makes you get excited sexually speaking?

People begging me to take their money. Slaves sacrificing money to me in order to make sure that I am always taken care of and pleased. It is seriously EXTREMELY sexy to know that so many are working hard, while I am “playing” every single day, and get to be pampered as I deserve to be. It is far beyond the over exaggerated findom fetish that everyone is custom to seeing. It is real life excitement and pleasure. It is how it is meant to be. You work, I play. You BEG me to take what is rightfully mine. Any amount, as long as it is you giving me your best, ┬ámakes me excited, and truly pleased. You want, no NEED that, dont you slave?


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