Ask Me Anything- Do you ever wish you would have taken a different path in life?


I love these posts. I feel that they are a way for you to really get to know me more. How lucky you are~
“Do you ever wish that you would have took a different path in life. As you age and grow does the Goddess lifestyle still appeal to you as much as it did when you were younger? Do you ever crave doing something different for a career?”

No way! The path that I have taken, is the one that was perfectly made just for me. Everything that has happened, has molded me into the person that I am today. I can honestly say that I am completely happy with my life.  As I age, the Goddess lifestyle only becomes more and more appealing. When I first started doing online domination phone/web services around 10 years ago, I was young, and had stars in my eyes. I had so much fun, and just did whatever I wanted. As I age, I see it even more clearly. This is what I am meant to do. It is SO appealing. I get to actually LIVE my life the way that I want. I am not stuck at a 9-5 job , I have no boss, no schedule, and I get to do what I want every single day. My slaves work for me, and provide by indulging in my mp3s/photos/videos etc, and they tribute to my lifestyle. THEY are the ones who work the jobs, so that I may live my life as I please. That is the ultimate act of submission in my opinion!

I have heard it more than once, that I only have slaves because I am “young” and beautiful. This is a sickening phrase to me, which really casts a negative light on my followers. I have some of the most amazing slaves, submissives, fans and admirers EVER. To say that they only serve me, and will only serve me while I am young and beautiful is so insulting. As I age, they will grow with me. The bond will only grow stronger. Beauty truly comes from within. Being a Goddess is a lifestyle, an essence. An aura. It is not a physical look. I will have slaves for as long as I live, and will live my lifestyle for just as long.

I NEVER crave doing something different for a career. I LOVE the freedom in what I do. Not many fully understand how time consuming creating mp3s/videos/tasks are, and how time consuming it is keeping up with all of the social media and blog sites, but it is absolutely blissful for me. I take some time each day to do those things, because its what I choose to do. Its what I enjoy doing at that moment. It enslaves more and more and ensures that I will have the rightful privilege of living the lifestyle that I choose!

Goddess, do you believe in ghosts and other supernatural stuff?

YES! I do. When I was younger, I used to do a lot of paranormal investigating with a group of friends. We were actually writing a book on haunted areas in PA, but never finished. I have captured photos, and EVPS (electronic voice phenomena) and fully believe in ghosts and other supernatural stuff 😉 It would be absolutely absurd to believe that we are all that exist.





  1. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    i could almost guess what YOU were going to say before YOU said it! Interesting post, many thanks for making and sharing…

  2. John David says:

    Goddess, I can totally attest to the fact that it is not merely your perfect appearance that draws me to you. Of course, your lovely eyes stopped me and drew me in, but your essence from the beginning was tangible and I became smitten by you from day one!
    Your beauty, as great as it is, is merely noise without life divine life you bring I to it! You will always be perfectly stunning in beauty, for beauty eminates from within!
    Thank You for Owning me……. For life!

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