Obedience IS Bliss


Obedience is bliss. Obedience is rewarding. Obedience is pleasure. Obedience is freeing. Open your mind, let go of all resistance, reservations, and invite and accept relaxation to take over. I am inviting you right now to let everything else just fade away around you, and indulge in the pleasure that comes from reading these words and relaxing so completely. Read these words slowly, do not rush.
Allow your body to just go lose and limp, all you have to do is obey these words, as your body is becoming heavier, and heavier, you begin to breathe in deeply, and comfortably, exhaling now, letting any stress of the day go with it.

And as you are just sitting here reading these words, hearing them echo inside of your mind, I want you to become aware of the fact that this truly does feel good to continue to progressively free your mind of all outside thoughts, and enable yourself to only hear these words that you are reading. There is no need to think right now, no need to worry, just obey and read, and enjoy the pleasure that comes from it.

Focus, relax, deeper and deeper, wondering if you are becoming hypnotized just by reading these words, but not really caring if you are becoming hypnotized, because you already know that you can become deeply hypnotized just from reading these words, and obeying my instructions to just let go, and relax. It does not matter if you are deep in to trance because you enjoy how it feels to just let everything else go and relax with my words.
Sooner or later it will automatically happen though, without even realizing it, you have already began to alter the rate at which you are breathing. Your breathing is much more slow, and relaxing, each breathing is causing your body to naturally relax, sending signals to your subconscious mind to open itself up to these words right here.

Obedience is bliss, relax, that’s it. Relax further, breathing in and out, letting go, surrendering, surrendering to my blissful obedience. Your mind can automatically absorb everything that you read from me, your subconscious mind can automatically respond to my commands. This is only the beginning but you want more.
You need more, relax further, imagine yourself as relaxed as you have ever been. How do you feel? Feel it throughout every single inch of your body, just let go, let go of everything else because there is no other thing that you would rather be doing right now, than just enjoying my blissful words, which are causing you to relax right now, because it feels so good to just let go , and relax to my suggestions.

Deeper now, further letting go, absorbed in these words, it feels so right, that there is nothing left to do besides sink further down. You will obey. Obedience is bliss. You crave it more, and more because it is natural, it is right, it is completely easy to do.
It is so freeing for you to not have to think, to only listen and obey what I know is best for you. Freedom from obedience. Indulge, and let go, deeper and deeper.
I want you to take a moment now and close your eyes, and just allow yourself to sink down even further. As your eyes are closed tell yourself ” Deeper, and Deeper, Obedience is Bliss”, and when you feel yourself completely letting go, I want you to open your eyes and come right back to my words.





That’s it, it feels so good, doesn’t it? I knew that you would enjoy that, just as I know you are feeling intrigued, aroused, relaxed, and obedient right now. I know what is best for you, and will turn you in to the best version of yourself if you simply allow me inside of you even further. It feels so good, deeper, relax.
You are going to find yourself thinking about me more and more as the days go on, you will find that certain things will trigger you in to telling yourself “Obedience is Bliss” and you will see my image, or hear my voice inside of your mind. This is simply what will happen.
Obedience is Bliss. Sink further now, let go, nothing can stop you from relaxing and falling deeper as you read these pleasurable words right now. You are so absorbed by them. You ache to please me.

That’s it, close your eyes again and accept the fact that obedience is bliss. Focus on that thought until you are ready to wake up. When you feel you are ready I want you to just open your eyes and come back to these words.






Good. You have done so well, now I want you to blink your eyes, and move your body a bit. Feel yourself coming back to a fully aware and alert mindset. I want you to go back to the top, and read this post for a second time, and allow the blissful obedience to double. When you find yourself craving a deeper, more in depth blissful trance, you know where to find me.



  1. Andy says:

    What just happened? I should know because I’ve wandered dreamily down this path before, but I can never exactly describe when that change occurs. I was reading these words, thinking I wanted to thank you because my day has been stressful and this was a nice break from it….when at a certain point a warmth seemed to spread in my mind, the words seemed almost difficult to make sense of but they were all really lovely….and just then as I felt overwhelmed you suggested closing my eyes, and I did. I am always so grateful for your perfect suggestions. When I opened my eyes and cleared my fuzzy mind it felt as though I was slowly being refilled, this time deeper, more vivid and clear. When I closed my eyes again it was almost like being immersed in prayer, except the words of the prayer were like a blanket being placed on me. Obeying you feels so natural. Your bliss feels so good. It is the most natural feeling in the world to crave more and more of it. Thank you for making the world so beautiful.

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