NEW Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 Wake Up Call


46 minutes

This file idea came to me in a dream, after I performed a ritual. You will learn more as you listen. This is a MUST for both Haylee slaves AND Vox slaves.

From time to time, submissives and slaves a like need a wake up call. Far too often, they become complacent in their servitude, and lose sight of the bigger picture, and of what is most important. They become comfortable, too comfortable, and often this leads to a lack of progression in the ultimate goal of pleasing their superior.

This file is created to bypass that negative experience, and help you get back on track. This is a training tool that you MUST listen to at least several times a month if you wish to serve me. I will accept nothing less.

You have it in you to be an amazing slave, or an amazing submissive to me. I am going to pull that out of you and help that part of you shine. Once the honeymoon phase ends, that initial RUSH of serving or pleasing a Mistress dwindles, and it takes hard work and dedication to continue to remain on a submissive high. You no longer have to keep searching for that rush. For something better. A true fulfilled and satisfied life awaits you, as mine. You will be changed. I will teach you so many things.

If I claim you as mine, you WILL work hard to please me. Don’t worry, after you listen to this, everything will make sense. Things will seem easier. Your eyes will be open, and you will be a different person than before you listened.

This is an intense training file, and will alter your mind and body. You may experience a spiritual enlightened like “high” after each listen. Just enjoy it, and go with the flow.

This file has a long, VERY deep induction. It is designed to truly take you beyond what you have ever experienced in trance with me.

Email to purchase this directly giving me FULL profit (which pleases me WAY more than anything! using giftrocket or gw.) Or if you are unable to do that, use the links below.



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  1. Bimbo Lexie says:

    This file is an absolute must for anyone who cherishes being owned by Goddess Haylee or Empress Vox Siren. I have listened to this file three times so far, and find myself wanted and needing to do more to please my owner!

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