NEW 2 Goddess Erotic Hypnosis Mp3!! Nice Girls Starring Goddess Haylee AND Goddess Isabella


Nice Girls Starring Goddess Haylee and Goddess Isabella

49 minutes


In this two-girl MP3, the two of Us are girls next door who come over to borrow your shower and sensually seduce you to submit to Us. You are powerless to Our naked lesbian shower scene while you are brought to your knees. You can’t help but submit to Us and pass Us the body wash. Oh what a gorgeous home you have! You must have lots of money. Look right here at Our breasts and find yourself aching to please and pay Us, knowing that if you do, this shower is going to become Our special place to train and tease you, penetrating your mind to love and obey Us.

Submit to Goddess Haylee and Goddess Isabella while We make love to each other in front of you, naked and drip, drip, dripping wet. Serve, pay, obey, and worship Us and fall weaker and deeper for Us!!! Be a good neighbor and pass Us the body wash. Have a taste of Goddess Haylee’s sweet nectar that drips from Goddess Isabella’s finger… Be sure to wear stereo headphones to hear all the echoes, vocal panning, sound effects, spiraling shower, and our perfect sugary soft voices whispering and cooing in your ear. You will of course want to rush when you  buy this from BOTH of US.

you may purchase this directly by emailing and pay via giftrocket or GW. This ensures I get FULL profit! If you are unable, use the links below.



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I also believe that you should buy from BOTH of us if you truly wish to feel immense pleasure and submission. Support two amazing Goddesses collaborating and you may just see more works from us together in the future. Once you have bought from us both, tweet us! Its fun, and incredibly arousing to see a pet NEED to support powerful women~ <3

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