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New mp3 and new store category! Cotton Candy Kisses


12 minutes $15.00
Floating, so dreamy, creating a new reality as the pretty, pink, soft cotton candy kisses your body, spinning around
and around and around. Transforming you into what you always dreamed of. So soft, so curvy, so feminine, so aroused.
Cotton candy kisses controlling your body so beautifully as your hands caress your growing breasts, and work their
way down as the cotton candy spins around and around emptying
your thoughts..

Note- This is a MINI which means there is no awakener nor an induction. It is meant to be looped( played over and
over on repeat, for maximum pleasure) You can read more about minis by clicking here.

Cotton Candy Kisses sample

You can purchase this file by clicking HERE

If you really wish to please me, once you listen, make sure to leave a review by clicking reviews on the left hand side under the product image in my store!

I am excited to start on a new category of my store titled minis and mantras!

You can view all of the Minis & Mantras available from each Mistress on the category section on the right hand side of the home page of my store

Minis and mantras are 5-20 minute long mp3s, each with different subject matter. They are meant to be looped (played over and over for as long as you’d like). There is no formal hypnotic induction, and no awakener. Often the material will have very hypnotic and enchanting language patterns and effects though so only listen when free of distractions, and able to fully relax. Do not listen when driving or operating machinery, or pretty much doing anything besides laying or sitting down relaxing!

You can listen to them in or out of trance. That is what makes them so much fun! If you wish to be induced in to trance first, listen to another one of our mp3s, and have a mini or mantra immediately follow.
Mantras are full of subliminals, and out right sayings that will get inside of your mind, as you listen to them over and over. You will find yourself repeating the mantras to yourself at random times. They are an amazing training tool, and you should utilize them often.

Feel free to leave comments on this post, with ideas for minis or mantras~ You may just see your idea turned into an mp3 😉


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