First mp3 recorded at my new home!! Whispered Addictions- Compelled to Worship


33 minutes

Everything about me is so addicting. Changes are going to happen deep inside of you. This is so good for you, I am so good for you. Just trust me, because it feels so good. You need me. You will need me so much more. I am so powerful. You are so weak. There is only “yes Goddess, I obey” You will obey now, and listen to this file. It is SO good for you. You can feel it calling to you now, enticing you, drawing you in~ I know that you can.

My whispers will penetrate your subconsious mind, and train you even when you aren’t aware that it is happening.
This is a 3d asmr whisper style mp3. You will feel the sensations as if I am against your ear whispering to you. There is a very deep trance induction, and an irresistibly powerful trigger.

This is a very serious file, with effective hypnosis techniques to addict you to me. Do not listen if you are unstable, or unable to handle this level of submission to me.

*asmr * * tingles * * finger snaps**multi track whispers**


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  1. Gary D says:

    I am new to hypnosis but relatively open minded to different experiences.That being said, after listening to the recording and several hours later I would categorize it as almost dangerous. My mind is still swimming with the sounds of Mistress Haylee’s voice to the point where I feel uncomfortable and a cannot focus.
    But then again I am new. Would welcome some advice!

    • Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

      My advice Gard D is not to try to fight it, just give in to the feelings. Listen to the MP3 regularly so that the suggestions really sink in!

  2. John david says:

    Goddess, You seem to outdo Yourself everyone, but then again, I need to remember who You are! You are only limited by Your tools and environment. The better your microphone and equipment the better Your work and the better Your location, such as a new slave bought Home, the better Your work! I love this new one and have listened 5 times already last night and will much much more….. It feels so so good and right!
    You’re the greatest and I am so fucking lucky!

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