Mind Cage 2 – ULTIMATE Chastity Teasing Orgasm Control Brainwashing Mp3

25 mins

*note* An EXCLUSIVE version of this is on https://onlyfans.com/hypnotichaylee. It includes 2 brainwashing background tracks and a subliminal track deviously intertwined for maximum slave training. Its INTENSE!  This version is powerful, but does not include those tracks!
My most popular erotic hypnosis file now has a part two! I recommend listening to part 1 first, as it will make this file even stronger, and utilizes the original mind cage.

This file is going to instill the mind cage once again, creating a mental chasity device on you, only this one on top of the first will make it impenetrable. This is a REAL form of chastity, as I use my powerful hypnosis to create a mind/body connection, so if you try to orgasm, your mind and body simply do not allow it to happen. You will hear my words, and feel my presence forcing you to obey. This masterpiece is one way to show you just how much control I have over you. Experience the results daily.

The only release allowed, are ones that I approve of. How deliciously deviant. This is TRUE orgasm control.

Post hypnotic suggestions will make this mind cage grow stronger and stronger. Crisp finger snaps and repeat after me will force your subconscious mind into absorbing my commands and suggestions, so they remain there long after you listen.

Oh, and am I going to tease you in and out of this file? YES. Mercilessly. Your orgasms are useless. Being chaste, and aching for me 24/7 will turn you into a better slave. You WILL obey. I have ALL control.

*chastity, finger snaps, deep hypnosis, brainwashing, binaural 3D audio, orgasm control, teasing



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  1. Mark says:


    Goddess, this is amazing, I keep listening to this; it is so erotic and sensual. I am addicted cant get enough of you, your voice, your words or your website.

    Enslaved 🙂

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