Merry Blissmas!!

Merry Blissmas pets!

I LOVE this time of year SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!!!! I love all of the pretty sparkly hypnotic lights, the yummy fragrances from Yule trees, chocolate, and warm cozy fires that are perfect to curl up next to while indulging in My irresistible hypnosis. 

I love how people seem to be in a better mood, and full of hope, cheer, and giving~ 

I love how cold cozy nights gives you just another excuse to sneak off and settle in, and go on Haylee binges long into the night. 

I love how the fragrance of Vanilla floats in the air almost everywhere, and instantly makes you think of Me.

I love how the sparkly shiny lights seem to trigger that special part of your mind that is so easily hypnotized by Me. 

I love how blissful carols makes you think of My sweet, sultry voice. 

I love how all you want for Christmas is MY pleasure.

I love how you carefully plan out how you are going to please Me for the Holidaze, as I am your top priority!

My number one Holidaze wish is for tributes! Which will be added to My slave cash pile to buy a new house!!!! My second is visiting MY WISHLIST on this page and sending Me something from My Christmas list!

Merry Blissmas pets!!!!! <3


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