Yes MASTER, I Obey


I wonder how many people are going to think this blog post is something completely different than what it is, just by reading the title lol.

If you look around my community of devoted slaves, submissives, admirers, trance lovers and fans, you will see that there are many titles used to address me. I am more than okay with this, because I feel like parts of me are included in each of the titles, and more. Haylee encompasses all of those, my name alone is enough to spark extreme feelings and emotions in someone who welcomes me into their life as a main part.

Appropriate titles used to address me ( when suitable) = Mistress, Goddess, Queen, etc. One that I more recently have noticed an uprising in is the term “Master” when used to address me. I have snuck this term into some of my play things minds during trance play, and general Domme play, as I wanted to see how people took to it. It is the norm in the D/S community for Master to refer to a male Domme. I like to fuck peoples minds, and give them new perspective, and ways of thinking.

Master is another way to do this. While I enjoy all of the names almost equally (Goddess being my favorite) , when an eager, aching, completely mind fucked and addicted slave drops to their knees and calls me Master, it brings a smirk to my perfect face. They are having their perspective altered, and identifying that Master= the one who has all control and can get me to do anything. There is no gender association, no role play, no role reversal. It is strictly a term to prove to me that a person fully accepts me as the one in CONTROL. Control that goes far beyond fantasy play, and a single Domme session. Control that lasts long after an interaction with me. A Master of all.  Thoughts, bodily reactions, orgasms, aching needs, desires, day to day life.

If you look around into the word Master, and what it portrays to the general population, it simply means having control over another, excelling in something, conquering, ruling, and can describe leader qualities. This make sense to me, seeing as I have full control over you oh so easily, excel in controlling you, manipulating you, molding you to my desires. I conquer your entire being, overwhelming your every sense and thought with my bliss, creating the natural mindset and belief that MY pleasure IS your ultimate pleasure. I excel in all that I do, over you, taking what I want, as you beg to give me what I want. I rule over your existence, once you are accepted into my world, I am seen as your ruler, your supreme being. You do anything to make sure that I am pleased. You serve me so beautifully, so blissfully, as you have finally found a place that feels REAL, and RIGHT. You look to me as a leader. Accepting my guidance as your one truth. Savoring my suggestions, my commands, my every word. You become so weak, needing to be lead by me. You find your own true existence and place where you are meant to be, within my realm.

I am your Master.




  1. Jeffrey says:

    Thank you!
    I want so badly to refer to hypnotic women by calling them Master, but I didn’t want to offend. Yes! You are my Master and I love to say it!

  2. hypno says:

    IF MASTER want’s MASTER or Goddess,…. thats it
    I LIKE THE WORD MAZZA, maybe to political incorrect 4 some
    BUT MAZZA fazinatez me!

  3. Herslavenow says:

    May I please say one thing about this blog? YES MY MASTER. OH YES. PLEASE YES……..I get chills from reading Your words my MASTER.
    I bow and I thank You for being so kind as to Own me, to command me, and to Rule me. 🙂

  4. aching4haylee says:

    All your words are awesome special truth and magical! You own me and I am anything you want me to be and I will call you Master if that is what you wanted but honestly I have taken to calling you Goddess for that is how I see you best and it happens to be your favorite. I wish you’d have time to write mire often but I will cling to anything you give to me! Thank you for your wisdom!

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