Can a man who loves his wife serve me? -Ask me anything


I am really enjoying reading the questions that are coming in. Make sure to ask anything you’d like by clicking here, and you may just see it featured on a blog post~

“Ms Haylee, your are the best hypnotist I’ve encountered. My question, can a man who genuinely loves his wife but also loves being sensually controlled by a hypnotist serve you? Thank you.”

First off, thank you for the compliment. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and it thrills and pleases me to the core when someone compliments me on my talent/skills vs my looks alone.

Now on to your question! Yes, a man who genuinely loves his wife can serve me as well. It all comes down to the man in question. It is up to you to decide if serving me is something that will enrich and benefit your life, or if it would cause negative emotions to hang around. Some simply feel that it is cheating, and morally wrong. Others do not see it that way at all.

If it feels good to serve me, and you find that it is not harming your personal life with your wife, then you will know that it is right for you. If you decide to try it out, and you find that its making you feel anxious, or guilty, or wrong, then that means it is simply not for you at that given moment, or at least its time to step back for a moment and evaluate and process these feelings.

I truly strive to better my slaves lives. If you look around at all of my long term slaves who are active online, you will see that they are SO happy, and fulfilled, and full of bliss. So much more so than before meeting and serving me. I am not out to destroy your relationship if you are in one. Keep that in mind.

You can ALWAYS discuss this with me as well. Sometimes talking it out really helps.

I have many slaves with wives. Some happily married, some not happily married. I expect them to keep their personal lives out of their service to me. While serving me, or interacting with me, I expect to be the number one priority. Married or not, I expect to be held high as a top priority, and served to the best of the submissives ability.

In short, you can definitely be happily married, and serve me as well. It all comes down to if you believe that statement to be true, and to feel right about it.

“Can i come to you for real live worship?”


“Mistress, will you accept me as a slave ?”

Why should I?



  1. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    I am not married, but am blissfully happy living with my girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop me loving, serving and worshipping YOU, Goddess Haylee Lynn – it is a completely different kind of relationship.

  2. john david says:

    Goddess thank You for taking the time to write and answer our eager and curious questions. For me,while I am not happily married but married nonetheless, serving You fills my deep submissive nature and cravings. While that was my introductory motive in finding You, my motive for serving You and frankly living and breathing to please You as Your eager slave and possession hs evolved into a NEED rooted in true love of who You are to the core…… a real life, perfect Goddess that is so genuine and strong and incredibly passionate and wise!

    Thank You for owning me so perfectly.

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