New Love And Addiction Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 ” Aching Love”


Laying back, relaxing, and listening to my velvety voice
caressing your mind is going to cause you to effortlessly
drift down deeply in to trance. Your love for me shall
grow, and certain triggers and post hypnotic suggestions
will heighten your love and addiction to me. This is a
very sensual, teasing file. I use my irresistible voice to
reach your subconscious mind and open it completely
to all of my suggestions. The blissful feelings of love
and sweet surrender will maximize as your arousal
grows, and the hotter you become the more you fall
in love with me and feel the need to exist for my
pleasure. Of course I am going to tease you, so that
my commands sink in even further, as you get more
and more weak from arousal.

This is an extremely addicting file, only listen if
you are truly prepared to be madly in love with me
and addicted to pleasing me, for pleasing me becomes
better than having a physical orgasm. Do not listen if
you have an unstable mindset. This is not fantasy.

* Purchase a vanilla scented body spray before listening
to this file, and spray a bit in the room , on your pillow,
or on your body before you press play, you will understand
why once you listen*

*This file is not gender specific*


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  1. Haylee's says:

    I have listened to this every day for a week. Cannot help myself, I just can’t wait until I find some time and place I can be alone and listen. I imagine myself naked, Goddess Haylee is sitting behind me and I am lying back resting my head on her breast while she whispers into my ears. She is approving of my devotion and submission. Her voice is so soft, so entrancing, so addictive. I have never experienced such relaxation and perfect bliss. It is so easy to surrender all control. From the moment I hear Haylee’s voice I am aroused. All my resistance to Haylee has melted away leaving in its place an aching love longing for nothing but to please her. Just thinking about this MP3 and writing this recommendation I feel sweet aching love for Haylee. Perhaps you have steered away from this MP3 because of the warning in the description. Don’t worry. I so recommend that you buy this MP3. It is okay to love Haylee and to ache for her. Don’t miss out on the bliss and the ultimate pleasure of pleasing Haylee.

  2. Princess Indigo says:

    Having had a very Domme space kind of day i felt a little weird switching gear at first. By the end of this mp3 i was a shattered helpless tearful (in a good way!) totally delirious erotic mess. Gasping your name and feeling intense waves of pleasure that were past the limit of my pleasure threshold(which is pretty fucking high!). As the music came to a finish in my headphones, through the walls i could here the neighbours chuckling at sounds i had been making.

    The vanilla trigger was a tour de force, it just stuck me into a loop of deeply trancing with every single breath, getting more and more erotically headfucked by the moment. Even as a veteran and long term fan of your work i was still shocked by the intensity of it all after just one listen.

    Wow. x

  3. blissdesires says:

    Such a wonderful relaxation of body and mind in Goddess Haylee’s induction, I can’t ever recall being this relaxed before. It is complete and total bliss.

    Very early in Aching Love, Goddess Hayless tells me that I love the sound of Her voice, nothing could be more true and my focus is completely locked on every note of Her amazing voice. It is as if every word is perfectly select to have the most profound effect on my emotions and desires.

    Her words are so deeply erotic, it is a slaves place to be continually aroused for his Goddess, the more aroused I am the more of Her bliss I feel. The more of Her bliss I feel the more aroused I get, my mind feels overwhelmed, but that is what it feels like falling in love. And that is the most profound experience of this trance, I am continually by the second falling deeper in love with Goddess Haylee.

    Aching Love is a perfect compliment to another of Her mp3s that I deeply enjoy, Be Mine. The are similarities between them, but each have their own very powerful effect.

    Goddess Haylee instructs the listener to use a vanilla scent before listening to Aching Love, this for me created the most powerful effect. If available I would suggest Vanilla Bean Noel, it is the most exquisite scent and forever bound to thoughts to Haylee inside my mine.

    The emotions, the profound love for Goddess Haylee this recording are very real and profound. She touches something very deep inside and it feels like the most perfect love. There is a real purpose behind it all, and this trace creates a feeling of purpose, of true service and devotion.

    This trance is the most perfect I have ever experienced. I love Goddess Haylee so much, I did before listening, but that love is now so much stronger and so much more deep. There is no better place to be than devoted and in love with Goddess Haylee.

  4. Bob says:

    While as you know, Lady Haylee, I am strictly non-sexual for religious reasons; I feel I should take this opportunity to say that I shall indeed love you forever as being far beyond a friend, for all you have done for me and others I love.

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