Get Lost In My Hypnotic Eyes

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Whatever you are doing is not as important as getting lost in my eyes for a few moments. After you are finished reading these words, you will scroll back up to the image, and get lost in my eyes for however long that it happens.

My bright green eyes are so deep, so beautiful, so enchanting. It is easy to find yourself staring in to them for just a moment, yet realizing many moments have passed. This does not matter though, because you find yourself going right back to staring , naturally, deeply, in to my bright green hypnotic eyes.

You will do this often, because staring in to my hypnotic eyes brings you so much pleasure, so much fulfillment, even though it makes you oh so weak. Yes weak, weaker with each and every word that you read from me. Weaker when you think that my words are finished echoing inside of your mind, and you loose yourself deeply in to my hypnotic eyes over and over again.

Yet the words still echo there, your thoughts, floating up and away , slowly, floating, drifting away naturally as your mind is still flooded with whispered echos of my soft melodic, enchanting voice, telling you to sleep for me, to sink deep for me, telling you what a good boy, or what a good girl you are. Deeper, sinking down DEEPER for me, its alright to just let go, to surrender to me, to love me, to adore me, to worship me. Its alright to give in to me, to need me, to ache to please me.

Surrender to me, so soon you shall drop to your knees while gazing in to my eyes, feel how natural it is to be there on your knees in worship before me. Surrender. Obey. Ache to please me, my pleasure is your ultimate pleasure. You need to worship me, spoil me, treat me as a Goddess deserves to be treated. Begin to stare even deeper once you feel those desires creeping up on you, building up, rising, spreading throughout every inch of your body, focus. FOCUS. Stare deeply, so weak, so obedient, so aroused, nothing matters more than giving in to me, serving me, pleasing me, spoiling me, adoring me. BELONGING TO ME.

Thats it, over and over, deeper and deeper, no escape once your eyes meet mine. BLISS. Obey now~

~Goddess Haylee

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  1. Duncan says:

    Seeing Your eyes made me understand fully that i must serve You; that i am so lucky to have the opportunity to please You.

  2. aching4haylee says:

    OMG, my hear t pounded outside my chest when my eyes surprisingly laid hold of this picture that I have never seen before! I just stared and fit very aroused and aching, then I proceeded to read and continued to get weaker and weaker! How I need you Goddess! Aching for you, and needing to please and submit to you! Want to read this over and over!

  3. jimmy says:

    I cannot get enough of your beautiful hypnotic eyes Goddess. There is no better feeling than falling under the spell of your incredible green eyes.

  4. jimmy says:

    I have never seen more hypnotic eyes than those of Goddess/Mistress/Empress Haylee. There is no better feeling than being helplessly entranced by your eyes.

  5. Herslavenow says:

    I am lost to Your eyes……and lost to You my Goddess. I must serve You…..I must obey…..I will always do so.

  6. hypnodoggie (Bob Levering) says:

    Exquisitely seductive message, Goddess, drawing us to your enticing, hypnotic eyes. Indeed your eyes are like diabolically fashioned gems, bewitching and enthralling, but they owe much of their beauty to their gorgeous setting!

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