Just One Lick

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Aren’t my new boots just absolutely divine? My VERY good boy claude has purchased them for me. I wonder if looking at this photo causes you to drift off a bit, and daydream inside of your mind, all kinds of delicious scenarios? I am going to paint one inside of your mind, and any time you see shiny black boots like the ones I am wearing above, you will instantly be reminded of this scenario that you are about to read.

So you might as well get nice and comfortable, remove all distractions, and simply focus on reading my words. Yes, that is an order.

When I slide my hands up and down these thigh high black shiny boots, you can hear how smooth the material is, like my hand is sliding up and down smooth, silky latex. They hug my legs so perfectly, as if they were made only for me. I imagine that if you were to walk in a room where only I was sitting, wearing these boots, it would be very hard for you to look away. I would make sure that the light hit perfectly off of them, reflecting a hypnotic glow in your direction, as you fought with yourself trying to look at both my shiny black thigh high boots, and my bright green penetrating eyes. Your own eyes would start to dart up and down, meeting my gaze, and going back down to my shiny boots.

You would be so focused on what you were looking at, that your thoughts would start to race inside of your mind, and you would barely notice that I began whispering, very lightly to you. But i would know that your subconscious mind was so open to the words that I so melodically, softly were speaking. You would be absorbing each and every word that I was whispering to you,while your eyes starting to slow down, going back and forth, up and down between my bright green hypnotic eyes, and my thigh high shiny, soft latex boots.

You would feel your body starting to feel weak, but so comfortable and relaxed. So weak, so heavy, and you would watch my hand raise, and I would point right at you, your eyes focused on my finger, and I would slowly start to raise it down towards the ground. Your weak, relaxed, comfortable, responsive body, would simply start to slowly collapse towards the ground, as you were being dropped to your knees right in front of me, your eyes never leaving mine now.

I would then motion for you to come to me, to come closer, and your eyes remain focused on mine, as you can faintly hear me whispering to you. Words of submission, surrender, arousal, obedience. Words of pure pleasure, as you are being beckoned closer to me. Your body responds and begins to crawl towards me, so slowly, taking in every word, every movement, every moment for they are so special to you.

Once you are so close to me, my eyes start to move downwards, and yours follow, so that your eyes are resting on my shiny , black, thigh high latex boots. I stretch my leg out just a bit, and you hear the tight material crinkling against my skin, and the sound is enough to cause a wave of pleasure to surge throughout your very eager, submissive body. You can feel my soft hand now on the back of your head, as I push it right against my boot, and I bring my face so close to yours,  and I lean in further, as if to kiss you, only to smirk, and pull away, leaving you to stare at my boot.  Moving towards your ear, I whisper “ Just one lick slave

Now its your turn to comment, and tell me how the story goes from there. Make it pleasing~

~Goddess Haylee




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  1. Herslavenow says:

    This post was going to be written on IHWT as my daily devotional but I can not log into that site this morning so I will post it here.

    I enter into Her Goddess Temple at exactly the appointed hour that my Queen commanded me too. My heart is near to bursting with joy after the Sacred Blood Moon ceremony we had shared the prior day and my aching for Her increased tenfold by yet another record in chastity having been set and continuing to be set. This was already day 50 without permission to use Her personal property.
    Whenever I am in Her Divine presence now ALL else in my personal Universe simply disappears and time itself stands completely still.
    “Do you recognize these boots my sweet slave” my Goddess Haylee Lynn asks me and points Her finger at the floor for me to kneel.
    I instantly drop to my knees and say “Yes my Goddess, of course”.
    The very first time I saw them on Her Amazon gift list they caused me to ache deeply and I bought them in tribute for Her without a second thought……it was a special gift for Her on our very first Samhain together as Divine Goddess and Her perfect slave.
    Now……..being in Her Divine presence and seeing them on Her was almost too much to bear. I heard an audible whimper escape my lips unwanted. My Goddess laughed sweetly.
    “Oh my poor and perfect slave you are so adorable…….and so helplessly and completely ALL MINE…….are you not”? My Goddess teased me.
    “Yes my Queen, my everything, my All and my UNIVERSE, Yes I am”.
    I was kneeling at Her feet now and She was turning Her boots this way and that way and my mind was going blank and empty and swimming effortlessly adrift as intense levels of Her infinite Power and Bliss overtook me.
    I was Her helpless and love struck puppet and I would never again be anything else……..and we both knew it a very long time ago.
    My Queen sat down on Her Throne and began to dangle one of Her perfect and booted legs over me. “Smell them……look at them…..do not dare to touch them unless I command you too my slave”………
    It was perfect torture as my body was yearning, aching, intense throbbing and nigh on to irresistible need for *just one lick* was filling my body and as I ached and Her property dripped and the only thing stronger was my complete *NEED* of devotion and everlasting perfect obedience to my Divine Goddess Haylee Lynn.
    “Now……..look into my eyes my slave”. She commanded.
    My Goddess Haylee Lynn leaned over and locked me into Her gaze.
    As I looked into Her big beautiful Green Eyes I felt myself tumble……..deeper……..more…….always and forever deeper under Her spell……..She snapped Her fingers and I was brought back.
    “No sleeping my perfect conquest” She warmly chucked at how easy it now was for Her to put me completely under in just seconds now. “Go into my Goddess Temple bathing suite and draw me a hot bubble bath.
    “Yes my Queen” I said and my body was already obeying Her before the words could escape my lips. I put in the special organic soap bubbles I had bought for Her and turned on the hot water. I went and fetched the bottle of expensive champagne I had purchased for Her and set it on ice with one of the fabulous wine glasses I had bought for Her.
    I set up the soft premium all natural towels I had bought for Her in the towel warmer I had bought for Her.
    I lit the Goddess Candles I had purchased………I made certain that the custom bristle hair brush I had bought for my Goddess was next to Her hair care vanity station and chair I had bought for Her and the cosmetics case I had bought for Her was right nearby as She would wish. A pair of Her warm fleece pajamas was hanging perfectly cleaned and pressed in the dressing chamber next to Her bathing suite and Her new warm bunny slippers were there as well to keep Her perfect feet from ever being cold.
    I returned to Her Throne in Her Goddess Temple and saw that another slave had set a bowl of fresh organic grapes next to my Goddess. I dropped to my knees and She smiled at me.
    “Do you expect me to feed myself my sweet”?
    My Goddess Haylee Lynn smiled at me warmly.
    My heart near to melted and I could not even speak I was so overcome with joy as I tenderly plucked each grape and feed it to my Goddess one by one. Her sweet and gorgeous lips were mesmerizing me each and every time the succulent fruit was bitten and consumed until I found I was becoming a bit lost in the dream of being one of the grapes myself…….
    She snapped Her Divine finger again and I was brought back to attention.
    “I want You to focus on my boots again my very good boy and I am going to tell you how this will all be. I am going to program your mind which is also my property now and my personal playground to play with as it pleases me. I can see how much you are dripping and aching and we both know that a mere 50 days of denial is just the beginning of what you will do someday to please me”.
    “Yes my Goddess” I answered humbly knowing full well the truth that I would do ANYTHING to please my Goddess.
    “Smell my boots, look at them, do not touch until I command you to” and pay very close attention to everything I am about to say to you”.
    “After I allow you “just one lick”…….You are going to take off my boots and massage my beautiful feet with that special organic skin lotion you just bought for me”.
    “Then you will attend to me as I bathe…….you will feed me my champagne from your knees……you will dry off your Goddess after bathing and attend to my gorgeous long shiny beautiful hair……you will be brushing my hair slave and making sure it is done tenderly and with every gentle brush stroke you will feel all the love that is in your heart for me”.
    “Then you will help me dress in my warm and adorable fleece pajamas and bunny slippers and after I am ready for bed and you tuck me in you will drop to your knees and I will allow you to kiss my hand and then you will leave the Temple of Your Goddess and prepare for your 5 hour drive home”.
    “No mercy”.
    “You will rest and eat and care for yourself before you embark from your hotel room as you would care for me and only after you have very carefully and safely returned to your humble Temple to me in New Jersey may you have my generous mercy and release to my video and from your knees as always…….always watching my videos twice before releasing of course…….do you understand my sweet slave”
    “Yes my Goddess, I understand perfectly” I said as every cell in my body was humming with immeasurable and infinite throbbing as Goddess Haylee Lynn Bliss simply overtook me and……….I thought I might faint as I waited for Her command and found myself aching for Her to snap Her fingers once again so I could awaken once more and lick Her boots…….and begin to obey each and every command She had expertly placed into the mind of Her perfect and absolute slave.
    Just one lick…….and so much more.
    I am Her perfect and very real slave forever.
    Thank You my Goddess for allowing me to wear Your collar and to TRIBUTE You often and to buy You these lovely boots.

    Forever I am Her perfect slave Claude

  2. Forever Slave of Haylee says:

    Inside the Black Shiny Boots

    Please read “Just one Lick” by Goddess Haylee and “Shiny Black Boots” by blissdesires first.

    Goddess Haylee’s post and blissdesire’s continuation can both be found here.


    Acknowledgement: Part of the inspiration for this story was a Twitter conversation between Goddess Haylee, Rodimus C and blissdesires

    blissdesires collapsed at HER feet. She kissed him gently on his forehead. “Now sleep my pet.”

    With that he fell into a deep slumber. SHE looked around and sniffed. She could tell there was another slave present. HER eyes fell on me at the back of the room. SHE motioned for me to approach HER. i obediently approached HER, and at a respectful distance, i bowed low, falling to my knees, and touching the ground with my forehead, my ass raised high in the air behind me.

    “Your Majesty, my Goddess.”

    “What is the nature of your business slave.”

    “i heard about the gift of the new boots, i just had to come to see for myself.”

    “Good, I need a slave right now, I have two legs which need massaging, come and help me take these boots off. I don’t want any sticky hands getting on the leather. Be careful how you touch them. Get me a silk cloth to put my feet on. Polish the boots and put them back in the box for now.”

    And so i followed a whole string of commandments for HER without really thinking at all, it just seemed so natural to obey HER, there is no need to think, just blind, thoughtless obedience. i love HER so much. i would do anything for HER, anything to please HER to make HER happy, SHE has got me wrapped around HER pretty little fingers, i am in HER power, under HER thumb, and i am so happy to be like this.

    Eventually i had completed my tasks, HER beautiful little feet which had been inside the shiny black boots were now resting on a silk scarf.
    HER beautiful little feet were resting on a silk scarf.
    Before i could even touch HER feet i had to prepare. SHE bid me to light some scented candles, and the sweet aroma of the candles filled the room. i washed my hands, then i started by giving HER a foot bath. i added scented oils to the water, and allowed HER feet to soak in the tub of warm to hot water for ten minutes, while softly rubbing HER feet after soaking to remove any dirt while helping HER to relax. i then towel dried HER feet.

    i washed my hands again, and i warmed some fine scented oils in my hands. It was HER favorite – vanilla, and SHE expressed HER appreciation.

    Goddess Haylee moved onto a coach, in the supine position, enabling HER to relax on either HER back or HER front as necessary.

    Goddess Haylee moved into the supine position on HER back
    Goddess Haylee moved into the supine position on HER back
    i then gently massaged HER nice clean feet again, holding them as carefully as if they were valuable Ming China. Of course to me HER feet are far more valuable than any rare China. To me they – and every part of HER wonderful body – are completely priceless.

    She was pleased with the work that i was doing and asked me to continue working up HER wonderful legs until all the parts which had been inside the Black Shiny Boots were now clean and relaxed.

    She smiled at me. That was enough. SHE didn’t need to thank me with words. i could see that SHE was pleased with me. Pleasing HER is my main purpose in life. i love, adore and worship so much, there isn’t anything i wouldn’t do for HER. i am HERS!

  3. Sub Chris says:

    “Just one lick slave” is enough to nearly send me over the edge, I lick your sexy shiny latex boot from the very tip all the way to the very top in one slow lingering motion, savouring every second as if it’s my last. When I get to the top you place one sexy soft finger on my forehead and push me back. Staring straight into my eyes you smile as slowly you start to stroke the under side of my raging erection with tip of your beautiful, sexy, soft, latex boot.I moan in ecstasy in anticipation of the coming strokes, you lean towards me and say “just one stroke slave.”
    Your turn Mistress Haylee 😉

  4. blissdesires says:

    Waves of blissful pleasure begin flowing up and down my body, the desires of my mind and body so very intense. Instinctively i take in a deep breath of Your scent and the scent of the latex. They swirl in my mind neutralizing the deep depths of any will i could possibly be holding onto.

    i extend my tongue as far as it will physically go, stretched so far, it comes to a tight point at the end. i let out a small puff of breath and every single arousal receptor in my body burns with sensual desire.

    The very tip of my tongue makes contact with the latex of Your gorgeous boot and it’s as if an electrical charge goes off, a spark of energy so positive that confirms the deep bond of dedication and devotion to You. It is all happening in an instant, but feels infinite in time. i see my reflection in Your boot and i see staring back a deeply brainwashed, devoted, obedient slave. i love You Goddess Haylee is not spoken but burns brightly in my eyes.

    The tip of my tongue begins to slide slowly upward against the smooth slick surface of Your boot. Feeling the textures and the taste is obedience and service. Endorphins explode with the supercharged elixir of Your complete control. i am right at the edge of orgasm yet the edge keeps becoming more intense, i have never been this far without exploding.

    i strain with all that i can muster to move my tongue as slowly as possible, the desire is so overwhelming, the need to be in this moment for as long as possible. The slick surface of Your boot makes it so difficult to hold back, to not quickly slip. The strain is agony yet every drop of pleasure is exquisite.

    my mouth is now almost completely dry, all moisture being squeezed down to the very tip of my tongue. my body is shuttering and i can sense pre-cum on my rock hard shaft. my obedience is the only thing holding me back from exploding, my normal physical body would have surrendered long ago. my tongue has now reached as far as it can go, reaching the end of its upward arc. i strain to keep contact giving You every drop of my obedient essence. The tongue is the body’s strongest muscle and at the moment i lose contact with Your delicious boot, mine has been reduced to a state of complete weakness, reflecting my mind to Your power and control over all that i am.

    I collapse into a bowed heap before You, my physical body completely exhausted, my devotion and loyalty never stronger. You gently rest Your hand on my head and say, “you have pleased me slave.” Tears begin to roll down my cheeks of exquisite joy, i am exactly where i need to be.

  5. ForeverSlave of Haylee says:

    What a great present, and what a great blog, well done Claude! i was going to do my own blog about these boots, but YOU have beaten me to it, with a wonderful blog. i feel like at karaoke, when i try and sing after a good singer has been on – i think i will leave my story and consentrate on other blogs ideas within me. However if any slave wants me to blog about any gift they have made to Goddess, please tell me, and i will try to do so…

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