Have you seen these latest two slave training tools?

Hello pets and minions! Its always exciting when you see new products from me, isn’t it? It makes your mind instantly go hazy, and your body becomes all tingly and excited. I want you to purchase and indulge, even if these arent your “thing”. You must simply purchase to enrich my Goddess lifestyle. Fulfill your slave duty! Indulge and obey. Immerse yourself in MY bliss. I am everything.

First up. JOI TEASE GAME! 

This was a custom request from a weakling who simply can’t resist playing my games. I conceal a shiny blue pendant in one of my hands behind my back. Its your job to guess which hand its in. I tease and persuade you on which hand to pick. You MAY be rewarded with stroking, you may end up tributing. At the end, you MAY just win an orgasm. We’ll see whos side luck is on? I mean, its not like Id ever use my beauty and charm to outwit you, and turn you into mush, so that I get what I want, right? Ps- any of my chastity slaves who watch this, do you really think I’d let you cum this easy? Oh no, you watch, and ache, and ache some more, no matter what.

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9 minutes

Pink makes it hard to think. Your mind is just full of pink cotton candy , making it all mushy and suggestible. Sissy Slaves need training. Affirmations are an amazing way to transform your sissy mind into what it needs to be. Watch this over and over and over. ” Yes Goddess, I Obey”

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Enjoy my sweets! As if you have a choice~


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  1. Steve says:

    Yes, Goddess Haylee, I will watch and repeat these affirmations over and over and over again. You speak the absolute truth and always know what is right for me. Thank you always for allowing me to be your sissy forever.

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