An Irresistible Offer For The Most Dedicated Slaves/Admirers/Fans

Hypnotic Haylee

I have an irresistible offer for the most dedicated, hard working, Haylee loving slaves, fans, admirers, etc. By now, most of you have seen the website  It is a website full of blogs, stories, etc from various people. This is a reward for Patreons who pledge for access to the forums, blogs, snapchat, a new mp3 every single month and more!

I am offering to those who are interested, a very rewarding slave assignment. I would love to give you your own personal login so you can blog on this website, and further spread the word of Haylee. You can blog about absolutely anything you want. Reviews, stories, thoughts, poems, daily life stuff, healthy 4 haylee topics, etc.  Anything you are feeling, or want to share. If you are new at blogging, or not, don’t worry I will speak with you personally on exactly what to do to blog correctly, and help get it seen.

This will also grant you access to my private forum that is full of interesting topics!

This is beyond exciting to me!! So many possibilities, and opportunities await. I am going to be so pleased reading your words, and seeing your efforts on this. Mmmmmm so many of my devotees in one place, collaborating on pleasing me…..

If you have been craving for a way to please and serve me, this is the perfect way. I am commanding you to do this. I know you can feel the desire building inside of you. Once you hear it calling, I want you to email me at and tell me what you would like your login and password to be for the site, and I will instruct you on how to start blogging.



  1. ajsnow28 says:

    Blogging for Goddess is part of our duty. Spread the word of Goddess Haylee, bring more into her bliss, this is what she wishes, and it will be done.

  2. ajsnow28 says:

    I want to encourage everyone who feels passion for Goddess to post on
    It is a truly beautiful website where we, as a community, get together to share our experiences of the bliss Goddess has brought us. Goddess is so amazing, and so worthy of our praise.

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      Were you the one that I was speaking with today on facebook, you were saying that all girls cant resist you, or was that someone else?

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