New Intense Brainwashing Mp3 – Mind Melting Mantra 25% off coupon


This mp3 has many mantras, suggestions, and commands that are designed to melt your mind, and make you become beautifully blank and empty. Of course once you are in that blissful state, you will only be able to process the words that I am saying, and have those words become your only thoughts. You will obey. There is simply no other choice.

This file is full of commands to serve, worship, obey, and surrender. Brainwashing at its finest.

Mind Melting Mantra includes first and third person subliminals and mantra sayings which are meant to create a thoughtless mind set, so that you may be reprogrammed with my suggestions and commands. For those of you who LOVE mind melt, this has a few trigger phrases and suggestions from there, which will make the affects stronger, so I suggest listening to that first. You can view mind melt by clicking HERE.

This is meant to be looped over and over again. It will create a deep trance like state, so only listen during appropriate relaxing times. ( Not while driving or operating machinery, or doing anything besides sitting or laying) Loop while you sleep for an even more intense outcome.

This is an EXTREMELY intense and potent training and brainwashing tool. Listen at your own discretion. Consider yourself warned.

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